Thursday, 6 August 2015

Blog 5: How I tackle San Francisco

The summer hols are here and everyone is off on holiday. For the last 3 weeks I have been in California. American style is a little different from British style, not only because of the climate difference but also the personality of the people. The Americans are less afraid to show who they are through their clothing. In San Francisco, entire streets are dedicated to certain styles eg. Haight street for retro style (possibly one of the most colourful/coolest streets to walk along). I have looked at the sort of things the San Franciscans wear and have chosen a few outfits to help you if you ever want some fashion inspiration from across the pond!

City wear

Top £12 New Look, Shorts £18 New Look, Trainers £80 Nike

San Francisco has unpredictable weather but it is hotter than England So I would definitely recommend shorts or leggings. Shorts also have the added bonus of getting you a California tan. I chose a strappy top to go with this season's trends of cut-outs and boho chic. This top is a neutral colour which means it doesn't limit what colour you wear on your bottom half. For the footwear, I have chosen what 90% of San Franciscans wear: Nike trainers. Not adidas or new balance. Only Nike! So obviously I had to get a pair to blend in. I got them in a neutral colour so I could wear them with any outfit. My sunglasses give me a sort of John Lennon look but this makes the outfit a bit more quirky and personal. I would recommend taking a jumper everywhere with you as the weather changes in the blink of an eye and it can get really windy. I would get a hood-less thick jumper or a zip-up jumper in a neutral colour so I goes with any outfit. I got a zip-up jumper from Topshop for £8.

Evening wear

Dress £7 Forever 21, Sunglasses Ralph Lauren £140, Shoes £10 New Look, Bracelet £2 River Island

San Francisco is gorgeous in the evening. Most people don't tend to dress up and they stick to jeans. But, if you go to a slightly more upmarket restaurant I would recommend dressing up a bit. I chose a formal summer dress. The dress is black but not dull as it has a slit at the front, high neck and a shell zip back. Heels are a must! My ones are quite high but they match the dress to make the outfit look sophisticated. I chose a gold bracelet to match the heels and to make the outfit more fun. My sunglasses are detailed and match the bracelet which makes the accessories seem bolder. As the sun sets it gets cold very quickly! Again I recommend taking a jumper or coat to keep you warm!


Lucy wears: Top £40 Lucy sportswear, Leggings £60 Lucy sportswear, Trainers £70 asics
Emma wears: Sports bra £40 Lucy sportswear, Leggings £70 Lucy sportswear, Trainers £80 Nike 

San Francisco is a beautiful city, so why not take a run around the place? Even better, why not buy your sportswear from a shop there! The shop Lucy sells amazing high quality sportswear that is fashionable and practical. Everything in this photo is from the shop Lucy and they were even lovely enough to give me a free bag, eos, water bottle and hair ties!

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