Thursday, 16 February 2017

Blog 33: How I tackle Sardinia

Revision feels like you watching paint drying while trying to screw knowledge into your head and I know you're trying to revise but lemme distract you for 2 secs. Yes I'm bored and like all of you, I should be revising. However I have quite enough of business notes and the Tudors are making me question my life. I'm also incredibly angry at the fact that however many layers I wear, I am always cold and having your hands freeze up when your trying to write something is a bit rubbish. So I thought I would cast my mind back to the good old days of summer when I had no clue what horrors lay ahead of me in the year to come. Basically I was stupid and I should have quit then and worked at McDonalds because we all know that's my second home. In fact the only benefit from not doing this is that I can still get through a doorway without much difficulty (wait till next year). So last summer we went to Sardinia which was incredible as we basically did nothing and I sat on a beach for a week burning, no change there. We did actually make it to the town at one point but my stomach led me straight to a sweet shop and that's where I was for the majority of the 2 hours. However before I got fat enough that I would have to buy a new wardrobe, I took some photos of my outfits from the holiday to share with you. Hope this cheers you up on this miserable day! Enjoy.


Top £5 Primark, Shorts £22 New Look, Sunglasses £80 Ralph Lauren

Yes I'm aware my thighs look the size of Texas but this is what happens when you do no exercise for 2-3 months. This is the outfit from when we went into the town. Literally moment after this photo an angry man came out of his house shouting at us because his wall was too shy to be photographed. Pretty comfy outfit and hides the tum tum.

Throw-over £20

This got sent to me from lovely Allegra K and it's the perfect throw over after being in the sea or in the pool. I won't lie to you, I lived in this! It was so airy so you got dry really quickly and it's made with a really light material which is perfect for a hot day.

Link to Allegra K:,k:allegra+k,n:!83451031,n:1731296031&bbn=83451031&keywords=allegra+k&ie=UTF8&qid=1462636080&rnid=83451031&linkCode=sl2&tag=allegra06-21&linkId=36f6c5755a96f1bf8a5a1881a42f2dff


Top £10 H&M, Shorts £7 H&M, Sandals £30 TK Maxx

Totally not posing... But actually love this outfit. The top and shorts were so cheap and I am particularly proud of finding those shorts for only £7 in H&M. The shoes as well are gorgeous and so comfy so you can wear them without sore feet!


Dress £8 Missguided, Heels £22 New Look, Body chain £4 Primark

I'm sure you've seen this dress so many times but it's one of my favourite pieces and totally worth the £8 investment! Pairs with a body chain and heels, perfect for an evening. Btw my hair is still wet in this from showering just in case you're wondering. 

A few other photos from Sardinia: 

Thanks again for reading! I know I haven't blogged in a while but I will try to do a few! Also got some surprises in store for when exams are over, watch this space! 
Now get back to revision! 

Ciao xxx

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