Friday, 13 May 2016

Blog 11: How I tackle the cat eye sunglasses

(This blog is dedicated to Charlotte Turner and Jemma Connolly, my two biggest fans, Love you)

Lets be honest, you either look Audrey Hepburn classy or like a mixture between Coraline and the Grinch. Cat eye sunglasses require a sophisticated outfit paired with a sassy hip wiggle walk to pull off because they are a bold piece to wear. I find that there is a general struggle when choosing sunglasses as you don't want to look like a bug or like your wearing swimming goggles. The solution is to really think about your face shape, but more on that later. Cat eyes are a 50's/60's retro look which is perfect for this summer matched with a circle dress. (Insert you opening Google to look up what a circle dress is). The perfect makeup to go with this is bold red lips and curly hair. The true 50's image. However obvious we aren't in the 50's so there are many modern cat eye sunglasses available. The classic black sunnies have been replaced with golden frames and funky lenses. So if your picky, now is prime time to get searching. I am so excited to say that I have been lucky enough to receive some cat eye sunglasses from Accessoryo and I would love it if your checked out their website! Their products are such good quality for the price so I would highly recommend them!

The Classic Black

Black cat eye sunglasses Accessoryo £15

These are wonderful! They fit perfectly around my face and are such good quality. These compliment my face shape which helps make me look less like a bug and more stylish. The cat flicks are quite big but I absolutely love the texture of frame as it makes it more of a classy look. On the more practical side of things, they have UV protection and at the price they are, solid 9/10 from me.

The Modern Gold

Gold metallic cat eye sunglasses Accessoryo £12.95

As you can see, they don't suit me which is such a shame because they are so pretty! The lenses come too far down my face and the flicks are very extreme so I think they would suit someone with a wider face. However the gold rim is so modern and they are perfect for the beach (Again with UV protection). They have a brown tinted lens which I'm not so keen on because you can see my eyes through them and that just freaks me out! After all sunglasses are for spying on people without them seeing your looking at them... I love the design but not right for me so a 5/10.

The Designer Twist

Ralph Lauren classic cat eye sunglasses £80

Now these were an investment... but a great one! Wearing these I feel like I have the sass of Lucy from MIC. They are of course amazing quality and I absolutely love the design. They are more of a subtle cat flick which I think is better for someone with a smaller face and the arms of the glasses are gorgeous as they have a woven pattern on them. However the price tag is a little steep and really your only buying them for the name but I still love them so 8/10.

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Thanks again to Accessoryo for their amazing products! I have loved them so much!

Here's a link to all their cat eye sunglasses!

Love you all

Ciao xxx

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