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This is page created to show you all my favourite brands and to even give you some discount codes for them! I'm writing completely honest reviews.
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Are you still trying to find that perfect Christmas present for mum or sister? You don't have to look any further. StyleWe is an online community where customers can meet independent designers and shop their wide range of styles and unique clothes. These beautiful pieces can't be found anywhere else and are great for a unique present. I think this community is essential to the development of fashion as it lets us not be dictated by trends but choose styles that we really love by new, up-and-coming designers. Check them out and you will find something new that you wouldn't expect yourself to love.
Link to website:
For this season, colour is essential. What would Christmas be without the colour red? A statement Christmas red mini dress is the perfect piece for Christmas day. This piece is vintage inspired and I really liked it as I like the material used and the shape of the dress is really fitted. Get yours now while the 50% off sale is happening!
$104.00 $93.60 (10% off)
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Eden's Semilla Vitamin E oil
Now when I normally think of oils I think greasy and heavy. I was pleasantly surprised when I began to use the oil as it felt light and not greasy at all. I used the oil for my under eye area and then in a home made hair mask. I was so happy with the results with my hair looking glossy and soft and my face looking less tired. I honestly really love this product and I highly recommend it for people with tired looking skin. Also in comparison to other brands, the price is amazing for the quantity you get. (Price: £12.95 + £3.99 P+P). I honestly love this product and it's perfect for making homemade face/hair masks as well.
I can't believe how successful my first giveaway has been. I had over 400 entries through Twitter, Facebook and instagram! Anyways the winners are.....
@atravelicious via twitter and @Jemjem4ever via twitter!
Thanks again for entering and make sure you follow me on twitter for more giveaway!
Competition time!
All you have to do to win these sunglasses is to comment on one of my blogs! It's that simple to enter! You can also have multiple other entires by checking out my Instagram post at @Theamateursguidetofashion or checking out my Facebook page. Best of luck! Closes September 3rd 6pm



I'm really excited this app as it lets you find any item of clothing from all the high street retailers. It's basically go compare but for clothes without the weird moustaches! All you have to do is download the app and use the code: EMMAG58M and you get £5 FREE to start off your Mallzee journey!

Coconut lane

I thought you guys would love to have a discount code for this wonderful company which sells modern trendy phone cases and jewellery. I really love their items because they are such a high quality for the price! Please check them out



I recieved this product from Tantastic themselves and omg it works so well! I'm a fake tan virgin but I can tell when it's orange and when it's brown. Honestly this has given me a golden bronze glow which has got everyone thinking that I've actually tanned for once! Instead of burnt! I'm so impressed with the product. I can't wait to keep using it and I would highly recommend it to anyone.



If you are a blogger like me then you should head to Styberry to get inspiration for blog posts. They have amazing bloggers posting about a range of topics which have really helped me come up with ideas for my own blog and seen how to make my blog even better! I would recommend having a look at it even if you just want to start up your own blog. It will be worth it trust me!



I was so excited to find this brand. They create personalised phone cases! Not only can you get them in aluminium and carbon, you can also get 18 carat -24 carat gold phone cases! You personalise the colour of the back, the colour and font of the writing and the text on the back. I'm so excited to receive mine and I will show you guys why I love it so much.



Bohemian Footprints

These Beautiful handmade pompom sandals are a must for summer and are perfect for by the beach evening wear or mom jeans. I think they are so different and so cool and will make any summer outfit stand out. Just for you guys I've got a 10% OFF code which is JUNE16 .
Find them here:


  1. Those sunglasses are so cute!!

    1. Thanks! I've entered you into the contest!

  2. I love the sunglasses. Thank you for hosting this. kneecree at gmail dot com

  3. These are awesome glasses and a must-have for my road trips.

    1. Best of luck! They are perfect for travelling I agree!

  4. I really like those sunglasses. Thanks for the giveaway. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com