Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Blog 7: How I tackle suede

Unfortunately for everyone, summer is over which means back to school and general misery as it rains all day everyday (never snow may I add). We could look at autumn in a different way. The leaves showing arrays of colours which try to lighten the ominous clouds above our heads. As we change season there is a drastic colour change needed in your wardrobe. The pastel flowery colours are gone replaced with mysterious berry and navy. One particular trend that is staying from the summer although is suede. This not only means that the 70's trend is here to stay but also we get a constant reminder that summer isn't too far away (being very optimistic here). Suede comes in a variety of colours including tan, camel and black. My favourite part about the material is the texture as it feels and looks good quality. I have many items that are suede as I love the flexibility of the colour and style. So, this is my attempt of trying to make the start of school seem better for you! After all, looking good makes you feel good.

The jacket

Suede jacket Hollister £60, White lace playsuit H&M £5

Suede jacket? I can see your shaking your heads but surprisingly its actually an amazing buy as it gives such diversity with your outfits. I may have gone a bit overboard with the excessive fringing but its 70's and hippy and that's gotta be a good thing right? Its also perfect for festivals and just generally making heads turn. Its different and out there but classy and stylish. Now that it's getting colder, it's great that you can be on trend and warm at the same time.

The skirt

Skirt New Look £6, Top M&S £3, Necklace Apricot £4

Skirts in winter can be hard but why convert to jeans entirely? This is an alternative to the denim button down skirt that is trending right now and can be worn with tights to keep you warm. It would also work perfectly with a black leather jacket and white polo neck top. I matched the skirt with a gold necklace to emphasise the colour and to jazz up the outfit. Skirts are a must in winter so please don't resort to jeans as the only way to keep warm. Unless its snowing. Suede is also a heavier material which means the skirt stays down and doesn't blow up when its windy!

The shoes

Lace up pumps Topshop £28

Lace up pumps are now a thing so obviously I had to get them! These gorgeous black suede pumps complete any outfit to make it seem more chic and hip. Also following the 'lace up' trend. They are really comfortable (unless you tie them too tight and cut the blood circulation from your foot). You can even get a leather version from Missguided for £20. Definitely worth the money and they look fantastic.

Thanks for reading. Hope this helps. Nearly at 5K views! I can't believe how many of you actually read my blog so thank you!

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Blog 6: How I tackle the jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are back! Who wouldn't want a skin-tight unitard that takes forever to get off when you go to the loo?! But on a serious note, they are pretty stylish apart from that slight design flaw. Let's be honest, if you go to a restaurant in a jumpsuit, you are already turning heads. They can make any figure look fantastic and any legs look really long. Most jumpsuits are designed to flatter your body with high waist lines and cut-outs. If you want to look tall, just add heels and you're sorted. Jumpsuits are mainly formal but you can get a few which are more casual. They are perfect for the transition between summer and autumn as they hint summer but they keep you warm! I have spent many months finding the perfect jumpsuit. Finally I have found two that I love the design of and flatter my figure. Here are my findings:

The casual jumpsuit

Jumpsuit New Look £22, Sandals Primark £5, Fedora Forever 21 £8, Bangles Accessorize £10, Bag Michael Kors £300 

This jumpsuit is from New Look and is gorgeous as the cut-outs make my waistline look invisible. It also has a tailored leg fit which helps to make it more of a classy look. Because it is black it is a blank canvas. Therefore you can wear anything with it. I styled it in a way that was fit for a day at the beach. But with a black jumpsuit any style is possible! It makes it perfect for statement shoes or statement jewellery. Another benefit of a casual jumpsuit is that you can wear it even in formal situations. Just add heels and a clutch and your there.

The formal jumpsuit

Jumpsuit Missguided £8, Wedges New Look £7

This jumpsuit is from Missguided and has a graphic design on the top half which gives it a statement look. It has a turtleneck which is very in style right now but also helps lengthen the body and it also has a high waist which makes your legs look longer. The mixture of the high neck, the long legs and heels can make even the smallest person look taller and thinner. The lace wedges echo the summer season we just had which makes the outfit more summery and happy coming into Autumn. This outfit doesn't need any jewellery otherwise it would be too overwhelming. The outfit gives a retro feel from the shiny bottom half which fits right into this season's trends.

So to summarise, cut-outs and high necks are very in style this season. Getting a jumpsuit in a plain colour (black or khaki for this season) gives you more chance to accessorize. Or you can get a statement jumpsuit which is no hassle.

My recommendations for websites for jumpsuits are www.newlook.com as they have playful, fun and cheap playsuits.
http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/playsuits-and-jumpsuits/cameo-rose-khaki-space-dye-high-neck-wide-leg-jumpsuit-_360548834 This one keeps to 3 main trends. Flares, high neck and khaki so this is a keeper for next season! £22.99
If you want something more classy check out www.asos.com as these are more focused on trends.
This denim jumpsuit is a steal! Just look. Do I need to say anymore? £45

Thanks for all the support.
Got 4.2K views so far! Keep sharing and liking and please comment with ideas/opinions/fashion queries!

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Blog 5: How I tackle San Francisco

The summer hols are here and everyone is off on holiday. For the last 3 weeks I have been in California. American style is a little different from British style, not only because of the climate difference but also the personality of the people. The Americans are less afraid to show who they are through their clothing. In San Francisco, entire streets are dedicated to certain styles eg. Haight street for retro style (possibly one of the most colourful/coolest streets to walk along). I have looked at the sort of things the San Franciscans wear and have chosen a few outfits to help you if you ever want some fashion inspiration from across the pond!

City wear

Top £12 New Look, Shorts £18 New Look, Trainers £80 Nike

San Francisco has unpredictable weather but it is hotter than England So I would definitely recommend shorts or leggings. Shorts also have the added bonus of getting you a California tan. I chose a strappy top to go with this season's trends of cut-outs and boho chic. This top is a neutral colour which means it doesn't limit what colour you wear on your bottom half. For the footwear, I have chosen what 90% of San Franciscans wear: Nike trainers. Not adidas or new balance. Only Nike! So obviously I had to get a pair to blend in. I got them in a neutral colour so I could wear them with any outfit. My sunglasses give me a sort of John Lennon look but this makes the outfit a bit more quirky and personal. I would recommend taking a jumper everywhere with you as the weather changes in the blink of an eye and it can get really windy. I would get a hood-less thick jumper or a zip-up jumper in a neutral colour so I goes with any outfit. I got a zip-up jumper from Topshop for £8.

Evening wear

Dress £7 Forever 21, Sunglasses Ralph Lauren £140, Shoes £10 New Look, Bracelet £2 River Island

San Francisco is gorgeous in the evening. Most people don't tend to dress up and they stick to jeans. But, if you go to a slightly more upmarket restaurant I would recommend dressing up a bit. I chose a formal summer dress. The dress is black but not dull as it has a slit at the front, high neck and a shell zip back. Heels are a must! My ones are quite high but they match the dress to make the outfit look sophisticated. I chose a gold bracelet to match the heels and to make the outfit more fun. My sunglasses are detailed and match the bracelet which makes the accessories seem bolder. As the sun sets it gets cold very quickly! Again I recommend taking a jumper or coat to keep you warm!


Lucy wears: Top £40 Lucy sportswear, Leggings £60 Lucy sportswear, Trainers £70 asics
Emma wears: Sports bra £40 Lucy sportswear, Leggings £70 Lucy sportswear, Trainers £80 Nike 

San Francisco is a beautiful city, so why not take a run around the place? Even better, why not buy your sportswear from a shop there! The shop Lucy sells amazing high quality sportswear that is fashionable and practical. Everything in this photo is from the shop Lucy and they were even lovely enough to give me a free bag, eos, water bottle and hair ties!


Thanks for reading!

Instagram: @goudgee28

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Blog 4: How I tackle the prom dress

Prom is a big occasion and there is much excitement about what dresses people are wearing. I know that for me prom is very soon but for those who haven't got their dresses yet, I have devised a quick guide. For this blog I haven't managed to do any photos yet of my prom dress but I think you can guess it isn't the average prom dress. So my quick guide to prom dresses...

1. Long or short?

Most people would just go long but if you are short or have extremely long legs, it is maybe worthwhile looking at shorter dresses as they can really flatter your appearance. That's not to say that long dresses can't be worn by shorter people, just may help on sizing as you don't want material trailing on the floor.

2. Straps or strapless?

I love strapless dresses but they are a hassle. You have got to have a big bust to hold the dress up, otherwise you end up pulling up the dress for the entire night and it gets tiring. Make sure if you are getting a strapless dress, that it is relatively tight around the waist as well as bust as this helps to support the dress. Straps are a lot easier and can make the dress really classy. I would go for a thicker strap to conceal bra straps and to make it softer on your shoulders.

3. Design

This is prom, so use it as a time to express what you love through your dress choice. Not everyone has to love your dress but as long as you're happy with your dress, that's all that matters! In my opinion I would go for something a bit different and not plain. Don't overdo it with the sequins and crystals but definitely have some on there! Maybe go for a controversial colour? Or an interesting design of dress? A black dress, although a classic and incredibly classy, can get a bit dull. A pattern can help liven it up. Maybe go for a slit up the side? Make it different to other peoples dresses as you want to stand out, of cause! I would also just check that the material is a light material as you don't want it to be weighing you down the entire night.


So I have been exploring for some of the best deals and here are a few of my suggestions:

1. Asos

The first, most obvious place to go:
My personal favourite dress is:
It is colourful and has a lovely strapless design as well as only being £34!!
Or maybe this one?:
Really lovely colour and an interesting different design. Slightly more expensive at £65

2. Little mistress

This shop is full of beautiful dresses! Link:

Personal favourites:
Lovely pastel colour and off the shoulder straps are so pretty. £58
Bit different design, maxi dress. £80

3. Chi Chi

Even more pretty dresses from: http://www.chichiclothing.com/prom-dresses/
Personal favourites:
A different colour but really modern design, £60.
Beautiful strapless dress with embroidered material, £45

Hope this has been helpful for all of you still looking for your prom dresses! Good luck!

Ciao xxx

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Blog 3: How I tackle the maxi skirt

Before I start, I just want to say thank you! I have had this blog for about two weeks and I've already had over 1.2K of views! I'm shocked and surprised that it has been this successful so thanks for all your support. If you have any ideas of what you would like me to do next, just comment below or message me!

So, the maxi skirt. It is a difficult piece but I'm sure it can be tackled! There is such a wide range of maxi skirts so it can be hard to choose one that's right for you. It's great for shorter people as it can make them look taller, and for people my height, we can feel like giants. But it is definitely worth taking the time to find a nice maxi skirt that suits you. So, here's how I styled it...

Top New look £5, Necklace Colette £5, Maxi skirt Primark £5, Boots Next £40
Flower garland Primark £4, Floral top New look £5, Maxi skirt Primark £5, Heels New look £10

The maxi skirt

I would choose quite a plain skirt so then you can wear it with more things. Patterns are awesome but they can limit your outfit which you really don't want. My maxi skirt is from Primark for about £5. Although cheap, it can look quite expensive as the colour is white. Sometimes however white isn't the way forward as you can get loads of stains on the skirt so be careful where you sit! If you have decided to go for a patterned skirt then style it with a denim jacket and plain top.

The style

The style of the maxi skirt can range as shown in my photos. You can go for a grunge look or a girly look. This completely depends on your style. The grunge look is great because it isn't too gothic and gives the whole outfit a lighter feel because of the colour of the skirt. This look is great for spring and autumn as it keeps you warm as well. The girly look is sweet and summery. The white makes it a vibrant and outgoing look, whereas the pastel coloured hairband and the black help to maintain the colour balance.

The accessories

Contrasting the colour of the skirt with a bright coloured necklace can make it look quite sassy but I styled it with a bronze necklace to offset the black top but still keep the outfit really chic/classy   For the second outfit I choose a flower garland instead to give a subtle colour difference. The boots are helpful as it prevents the skirt from trailing on the ground and also makes your legs seem endless. The other heels make it quite an elegant look. Would definitely recommend heels under a maxi skirt!

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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Blog 2: How I tackle the Kimono

The modern kimono has only just recently come into fashion. Last year was a hit for the kimono and looking at Coachella style, it's going to be back this year! I feel though that there are some do's and don'ts with the kimono. It looks great on anyone, regardless of shape. The floaty material makes it great for a summer's day but it really has got to be sunny otherwise the goose-bumps come out. Picking a good kimono is a frustrating task as some are very pricey whereas others are just plain tacky. I have recently found a piece from New Look for £8 which I actually liked and would actually wear. Here is how I styled it:

Kimono from New Look £8, Glittery leggings New Look £12, Chunky Chelsea boots New Look £22

So, I wanted to explain my do's and don'ts of kimonos. It can be a tricky piece to style but if you get the right pattern and style, it will look fantastic! By the way, this is my opinion so sorry if I offend anyone's taste/style!

Rule no.1: Style

Short or long? It can be a difficult decision but base it upon practicality and whichever one you feel like. In my opinion, I prefer the shorter ones because I wouldn't want the fabric trailing on the ground or people standing on it. So...
Do: Go short.
Don't: Go long. It's a hassle and nobody wants dirt on their kimono from it dragging on the floor.

Rule no.2: Design

There are many different designs, most of them are floral designs. I would stick with this because it keeps on trend with this seasons prints. I would tend to avoid a block colour with no design or pattern because I see a kimono as the statement piece in every outfit so I would make sure it is exciting and reflects your personality. So...
Do: Go floral (for this season) or any pattern to be honest.
Don't: Go block colour (unless it has a pattern on) as it makes your outfit dull and boring.

Rule no.3: Tassels

Not gonna lie, tassels can be very tacky. Although that's not to say you can't look amazing in them. I just don't think they work on me. They can also get quite annoying because they get tangled and they fall out making the kimono look patchy. I wouldn't just avoid tassels altogether though. Shorter tassels can be quite sophisticated and are just coming into fashion this season. So...
Do: Short tassels or no tassels.
Don't: Have long tassels as they are annoying and will just fall out!

Asos has an awesome range of kimonos that I would recommend. Link here:  http://www.asos.com/search/kimono?q=kimono&pgesize=204&sort=priceasc

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Blog 1: How I tackle spring weather

Living in the UK, spring has no defined weather. It can be sunny in the morning but then chuck it down in the afternoon. The indecisive weather can make it difficult to decide what to wear as you don't want to be freezing in shorts or boiling in multiple layers of tops. I normally base my outfit decision on how it looks outside but it's spring and it's Britain so you can't predict anything! So I have devised an outfit which can both keep you warm but also can let you cool down.


First of all, I would skirt it.

Trousers are very warm but the moment the sun comes out you start sweating. This means peeling them off later is both disgusting and disturbing. They need to be washed ASAP! Skirts also give more free movement which reduces sweating on a hot day. My skirt is a bright colour to fit in with the pastel trend this spring. It is my statement piece in this outfit. I bought my skirt last year at H&M in the sale for £3! It's a bit out there but styled the right way, it can work.

Secondly, tights.

I know they are a pain to get on but they provide insulation if it is a cool day. I wouldn't go for cotton tights but get them thick enough so that they don't rip upon first use. My personal favourite come from Tesco's. They are really cheap and good quality. Usually packs are £4 for 3 pairs.

Thirdly, the top.

I had to look for a very long time to find a top which can be used for both rainy and sunny weather! Strappy tops, although very nice, can get cold. Whereas you don't really want a thick turtle-necked top which will just make you overheat. So I chose a top with lace sleeves. This keeps me warm as well as cooling me off if needs be. I got this top from Boohoo for £5.

Finally, shoes and accessories!

These bits are what make the outfit that bit different as you can add your own personal style. I chose black heels to make the skirt stand out. These boots were £40 from next. I also am wearing a heart necklace which was £2 from new look.

Thanks for reading! I'll keep you all updated. Follow me on instagram @goudgee28!

Shoutout to @loveyourlifeboutique! like them on fb and follow on IG. They are about to set up a shop filled with awesome clothes and accessories. Loving their new magazine bags!

Shoutout also to @madamelou . They are a English/German brand selling beautiful jewellery at amazing prices! You can get a free surprise when you order if you input the code: goudge2806fs
Website link: www.madamelou.jimbo.com
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Monday, 25 May 2015

First things first

I have no idea what I'm doing. I have no idea really what a blog is, so naturally I'm giving it a go. This is my attempt at a fashion blog. Hopefully I will keep you updated with trends and outfit ideas but apologies if these posts aren't regular.

So what makes me different to everyone else? I guess I'm a little out there. I wear things which people wouldn't even think of wearing and instead of sticking to basic trends, I quirk it up a bit. I'm not crazy like the people who wear multi-coloured skirts and boob tassels, but I have my own individual style which I like to flaunt.

Anyways, I will be busy keeping you guys updated on anything that I believe is relevant to look fabulous. So keep coming back! Ciao xx