Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Blog 1: How I tackle spring weather

Living in the UK, spring has no defined weather. It can be sunny in the morning but then chuck it down in the afternoon. The indecisive weather can make it difficult to decide what to wear as you don't want to be freezing in shorts or boiling in multiple layers of tops. I normally base my outfit decision on how it looks outside but it's spring and it's Britain so you can't predict anything! So I have devised an outfit which can both keep you warm but also can let you cool down.


First of all, I would skirt it.

Trousers are very warm but the moment the sun comes out you start sweating. This means peeling them off later is both disgusting and disturbing. They need to be washed ASAP! Skirts also give more free movement which reduces sweating on a hot day. My skirt is a bright colour to fit in with the pastel trend this spring. It is my statement piece in this outfit. I bought my skirt last year at H&M in the sale for £3! It's a bit out there but styled the right way, it can work.

Secondly, tights.

I know they are a pain to get on but they provide insulation if it is a cool day. I wouldn't go for cotton tights but get them thick enough so that they don't rip upon first use. My personal favourite come from Tesco's. They are really cheap and good quality. Usually packs are £4 for 3 pairs.

Thirdly, the top.

I had to look for a very long time to find a top which can be used for both rainy and sunny weather! Strappy tops, although very nice, can get cold. Whereas you don't really want a thick turtle-necked top which will just make you overheat. So I chose a top with lace sleeves. This keeps me warm as well as cooling me off if needs be. I got this top from Boohoo for £5.

Finally, shoes and accessories!

These bits are what make the outfit that bit different as you can add your own personal style. I chose black heels to make the skirt stand out. These boots were £40 from next. I also am wearing a heart necklace which was £2 from new look.

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