Sunday, 17 July 2016

Blog 18: ZARA HAUL

I'm going to start by saying I'm seriously impressed with Zara. This sale has been incredible and it's still on so get yourself to your nearest Zara because you will find the holy grail of fashion inside. A few months ago I had never even entered Zara. I was too sceptical of their oddly-functioning website and their catwalk copies. I thought it was just an overpriced store with weird items that people bought just for the label but never actually wore. I had heard from many people that the current summer sale was just the best thing that had ever happened since chocolate so obviously I had to man up and go into the unknown. And I'm so glad I did. I fricking love Zara now. Every time I go shopping I'm asking where the nearest Zara is. Zara is my life. I call this a haul but really I only got 4 items but they were at amazing prices and the quality is always high at Zara. For my first really spurge at Zara I was very impressed and I love all the items. Without further ado....

The dress

Dress £25.99

Also known as the primary school nun dress, I like to wear this on formal occasions. I was VERY worried about the midi dress length and my legs were hidden and lets be honest they are my only asset. However I loved the puffy sleeves that to quote my bf make me look like "a 12 year old school girl" which tbf I do but they are sweet. The tie around is really needed or I would look like a stripy floaty balloon and the print is so classy. Overall I do really love this dress and although I was going to take it up I may decide to keep it midi length... Let me know your thoughts below!

The crochet top

Crochet top £7.99

These are so on trend right now so I needed one! No doubt you will see this up on my "How to tackle crochet" blog soon which will give you even more detail as to why I liked it. All I'm saying for now is that the sizing was a little awkward as it didn't want me to have a small waist and a big bust. So I had to go for a size Small which hopefully with keep everything in....


The Bodysuit

Bodysuit £3.99

Again another one you will see up again on my blog! I just loved it because it was so casual and effortless and you don't really need to think about what you wear with it to make yourself look stylish. I didn't even try it on, I just knew I was going to wear it loads whether it fitted properly or not! I got this in a size Small.

The crop top

Crop top £3.99

There were soooooooo many striped crop tops and it was seriously had to choose just one! However this one did stand out because 1. I could actually get into it without getting entangle in multiple straps and 2. £3.99 is always a bargain and so it's a yes from me. I loved the pattern as it looks like a good quality stripe (if ygm) and therefore looks so much more expensive than £4. Also the thickness and quality of the material was amazing so I was so drawn to it. Definitely one I'll be wearing to Sardinia!

Go check out the last of the Zara sale if you can! Let me know what you've got below!

Ciao xxx


  1. Did an assignment on Zara's supply chain, really like Zara x

    1. They manage to get such trendy clothing so quickly off the runaway! Love them X