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Blog 19: How I tackle summer jewellery

I'm aware that I haven't done a jewellery blog like ever... so this could be interesting. To be perfectly honest with you I don't like to wear that much jewellery and I'm certainly not a guru on all things gold. However coming up to the summer, I have found some pieces that I would actual wear and you might even see me in. I know this isn't as shocking as #KimExposedTaylor but for me it's something new that I want to share with you. I have devised two looks. One which has silver jewellery and one which has Gold. These are just my personal picks for this summer which aren't really keeping in mind trends but oh well. Also before you ask, the dress is from Miss Selfridges on £15 reduced now! But more on the dress later in another blog. Here's my jewellery picks for the summer...


The Silver Jewellery


The Gold Jewellery



The Silver Jewellery:


Cherry Blossom Pandora Bead


Pandora cherry blossom bead £30
This is one of the most beautiful things I own. Its so pretty and delicate and looks stunning on the Pandora bracelet (creds to my sister for the bracelet, don't have my own :( ) This is a nice season charm and it is perfect for summer as it is light and floral. I know it is quite expensive for a little bead but they are so worth it because the dupes are nothing alike and they are a lot lighter. For anyone with a Pandora bracelet I highly recommend this charm because it is just so beautiful!
I also received this charm from T.H.Baker which is such a great website to go through because they have super fast delivery and it saves you from having to go into a Pandora store.

Barbara Chollet bracelet

I know I featured this recently but I honestly just love this bracelet. The colour is so diverse and it goes with anything. I love how it gives a cool girl vibe yet it is very sophisticated and modern. It will work well with summer evening dresses or festival outfits. The opportunities are endless.

Other Blog:

My grans old ring

I have no idea what brand this is but I thought I would share it with you for the style element of it. It was given to me and my sister by my gran while she was clearing out her jewellery box and we love it. The pattern around the band reminds me of a Greek vase which would work perfectly for a old-school retro festival outfit (brainstorming outfits right now)

The Gold Jewellery

The Coconut lane bangle

Coconut lane gold leaf bangle £11
This gold bangle is gorgeous not only because of the detailing but also because of the quality. I chose this because of the leaf detailing which seemed so delicate and pretty and I was even more shocked when I put it on as it didn't feel like a cheap plastic bangle but more of a weighted quality one. At only £11 for this level of quality is amazing. I really love the brand as well. So much so that I got you guys a discount code for 20% off: theamateursguide20
When you use it tell me what you get!

Accessorize Gold bangles


Now you really need a staple pack of gold bangles because they go with everything and they are an essential for a jewellery box. I got a pack of 15 for £10 which are great and they are perfect for by the beach to eveningwear. Honestly, if you are a jewellery virgin, start with these please. You need them. Unfortunately they are no longer in stock but I've given you a link to another 15 pack that you maybe interested in! Enjoy:

Primark floral ring

Primark pack of 5 ring set £1

I need to cater to a range of different budgets and believe me, I think you can afford this one. For only £1 you can get a set of 5 floral, viney rings they are surprisingly good quality for primark. Let me assure you that these are no wedding rings but they are not like plastic childrens rings. They actually have some weight to them and the detailing isn't too bad! It's like finding a Michael Kors handbag in your local charity shop.

The choker

Primark pack of 3 for £2

I'm not normally one for strangling myself but this is worth the pain. It looks sooooooo good with a Bardot top or dress and I beg you to buy this style of outfit. Ngl I have been looking for a cheap version of this choker ever since I saw one in Topshop but for £8 for a strip of velvet, no thanks. It got a bit better when I saw one in New Look but it was still £5 and I wasn't willing to part with an money. Finally I ran into primark to find A PACK OF 3 CHOKERS FOR £2. Sold. Well unless you want to pay £8 for a strip of fabric and the name of topshop.

I hope this inspires your summer jewellery box and I hope you liked the items I recommended. Would really love you to use the discount code if you purchase anything from Coconut Lane!
Thanks for reading! Until next time,

Ciao xxx

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