Thursday, 16 February 2017

Blog 33: How I tackle Sardinia

Revision feels like you watching paint drying while trying to screw knowledge into your head and I know you're trying to revise but lemme distract you for 2 secs. Yes I'm bored and like all of you, I should be revising. However I have quite enough of business notes and the Tudors are making me question my life. I'm also incredibly angry at the fact that however many layers I wear, I am always cold and having your hands freeze up when your trying to write something is a bit rubbish. So I thought I would cast my mind back to the good old days of summer when I had no clue what horrors lay ahead of me in the year to come. Basically I was stupid and I should have quit then and worked at McDonalds because we all know that's my second home. In fact the only benefit from not doing this is that I can still get through a doorway without much difficulty (wait till next year). So last summer we went to Sardinia which was incredible as we basically did nothing and I sat on a beach for a week burning, no change there. We did actually make it to the town at one point but my stomach led me straight to a sweet shop and that's where I was for the majority of the 2 hours. However before I got fat enough that I would have to buy a new wardrobe, I took some photos of my outfits from the holiday to share with you. Hope this cheers you up on this miserable day! Enjoy.


Top £5 Primark, Shorts £22 New Look, Sunglasses £80 Ralph Lauren

Yes I'm aware my thighs look the size of Texas but this is what happens when you do no exercise for 2-3 months. This is the outfit from when we went into the town. Literally moment after this photo an angry man came out of his house shouting at us because his wall was too shy to be photographed. Pretty comfy outfit and hides the tum tum.

Throw-over £20

This got sent to me from lovely Allegra K and it's the perfect throw over after being in the sea or in the pool. I won't lie to you, I lived in this! It was so airy so you got dry really quickly and it's made with a really light material which is perfect for a hot day.

Link to Allegra K:,k:allegra+k,n:!83451031,n:1731296031&bbn=83451031&keywords=allegra+k&ie=UTF8&qid=1462636080&rnid=83451031&linkCode=sl2&tag=allegra06-21&linkId=36f6c5755a96f1bf8a5a1881a42f2dff


Top £10 H&M, Shorts £7 H&M, Sandals £30 TK Maxx

Totally not posing... But actually love this outfit. The top and shorts were so cheap and I am particularly proud of finding those shorts for only £7 in H&M. The shoes as well are gorgeous and so comfy so you can wear them without sore feet!


Dress £8 Missguided, Heels £22 New Look, Body chain £4 Primark

I'm sure you've seen this dress so many times but it's one of my favourite pieces and totally worth the £8 investment! Pairs with a body chain and heels, perfect for an evening. Btw my hair is still wet in this from showering just in case you're wondering. 

A few other photos from Sardinia: 

Thanks again for reading! I know I haven't blogged in a while but I will try to do a few! Also got some surprises in store for when exams are over, watch this space! 
Now get back to revision! 

Ciao xxx

Monday, 26 December 2016

Blog 32: How I tackle Velvet

So I thought I would treat you all to some Christmas magic with a blog about the only type of material you should be wearing right now, velvet. When wearing velvet you suddenly turn into some sort of animal as so many people come up to you asking, "Can I stroke it?" or you constantly feel the touch of a finger on your shoulder. As creepy as this may sound, you actually take it as a compliment because if you're wearing Velvet, you are the highlight of any event. Velvet was a sign of wealth and affluence but now you can get a Primark velvet choker for £1. However the material still looks expensive and can turn a few heads. The sales are now on and the rails are filled to the brim with velvety clothes so get out there and find your next killer outfit. My piece of advice would be, be careful when looking for velvet trousers as some colours and cuts can look tacky and that isn't gonna scream luxury! Anyways, here are a few things I've picked up:


The Blue velvet dress


Blue velvet dress £8 Missguided
This dress was bought from Missguided at a crazy price. It is tight fitting and goes in at the waist. I love that it's a skater dress as the flair at the bottom gives it more of a childish charm. Paired with a pair of nude pumps and you have yourself a cute evening outfit. I particularly like the colour of this dress as it is a rich blue and gives off the sense of elegance that velvet should do. Only small problem with this is that being very tall, it's quite short on me, so tall girls size up.
Rating: ****

The Black velvet top


Black Velvet top £14 Asos
Sorry for the repeat photo but I do love this black velvet top. Not only was it a great price but it looks fab and it goes with just about everything. It's also surprisingly warm (which isn't what you need in 25 degree Rome). The shape is figure hugging and fits nicely even with my awkward body shape. No downside to this top!

The pink velvet top

Pink velvet top £4 Primark

This top just caught my eye because of the stunning colour. It hasn't really been until this season that pastel shades of velvet have been in. The colour is great to go with black jeans for more of a summery look. I wasn't convinced about the sleeves at the beginning but when I tried it on it worked well with the cropped bottom. The price was fantastic too!
Rating: ****

Hope you are all having a fabby Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year as this is the last post of 2016! Bet you can't wait for 2017 for more of me ;)

My blog is going from success to success so thank you all so much again, this blog means a lot to me!

Ciao xxx


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Blog 31: How I tackle Rome

When in Rome, you have to eat a ton of ice cream and work the front pack. Rome is such an interesting place as one minute your in the most gorgeously decorated church and the next your in some dodgy hotel downtown. On my 4 day trip there, I managed to see what felt like every church ever, the Vatican and the Colosseum. I had a good time but going from walking to the fridge and back to walking 30,000 steps a day kinda killed my legs. They are only for decorational purposes. Also just a tip for anyone thinking of going to Rome, they will never stop on the roads, even when the green man is lit, they just go. So you just have to risk it and run across. I would get your will sorted now. Anyway, I did actually survive their manic driving and lived to tell the tale. As for outfits, ngl I got very confused at the weather situ so I packed for winter and realised very soon that it was hotter than England in summer. Tip: Always look at the weather forecast! or just pack half your wardrobe in your case (which is what I did). So, with limited outfits, this is what I came up with!

Outfit 1

Grey dress Primark £8, Sunglasses Accessoryo £5, Necklace Next £6

Scuse my grumpy face. I had probs just been told that we weren't going to eat for another 2 hours. Anyways, the dress was really lovely to wear as although it was hot, it kept me cool as well. I had bare legs as well as the cool cat eye sunglasses and the layers necklace that you can hardly see. Hair curtsey of my Rome therapist, Riki.

Outfit 2

Top Asos £14, Skirt Primark £5, Shoes Primark £8, Choker Primark £1, Sunglasses as before

Nothing says art student like this outfit. I bought the velvet top with my last asos haul and I loved it so much. I have had the skirt for about 5 years and never worn it, so I thought why not? The boots are falling apart because I've worn them so much and personally I probably would have worn my big black chunky boots with this outfit instead. But when your walking round so much, you need 'sensible' shoes.


Outfit 3

Top Zara £3.99, Leggings F&F £10, Trainers Nike £60

For once I'm actually on trend with something. The shoulder cut outs are seriously trending this season and I got this top in the Zara sale (thanks to my gran!). The leggings are my go-to stable piece as they are thick and warm and trainers are essential when walking round cities. Not the most fashionable outfit but good for tourist travellers.

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Riki (@rikiauton ) for the stunning photos and a massive thank you to you all because I've hit OVER 100,000 VIEWS ON MY BLOG!

Love you all,

Ciao xxx


Sunday, 30 October 2016

Blog 30: A day out in London

When life doesn't go as planned, the best way to move on is through retail therapy. When I say this I mean large scale retail therapy and the only proper place to get this is in London. London is a wonderful place that doesn't take too long to get to and is host to the wonderful Oxford Circus which is the high  street capital. You emerge from the tube into a fashionable chaos and everything is just screaming buy me!! My friend Charlotte and I went shopping for what seemed like days and we got some fab pieces as well as trying on at least a few pieces that I either couldn't zip up (#bigboobproblems) or I had misread the label so what I thought was a size 8 was actually a size 18! I did spend quite a bit but I needed it! All the items will be featured in other blogs. After we were exhausted, we went to The Langham hotel where we went to palm court for afternoon tea. It was absolutely gorgeous! And very fancy. We had possets, sandwiches, scones and some really cute cakes! It was so lovely and we had a lovely time there.



Finally to conclude our amazing day out, we attended the newlookxelle event at Oxford Circus' new look. It was a fabulous event with talks, drinks, food, nail painting and of course a great goodie bag! I loved seeing the new collection from new look and hearing about how it would be styled and I even bought myself a pair of trousers for Autumn from new look. I had my nails painted in a lovely nude colour and the food and drinks were to die for! Check out their new collection online and in store. 

At the event

Sneak peak of the clothes

All our goodie bag items!

New trousers - bought at the event from the new range

Thanks for reading and for all your support! See you next week,

Ciao xxx

Friday, 21 October 2016

Blog 29: How I tackle autumn red

One of my favourite things about autumn is the new shades of colours you can wear. My favourite by fair has to be the autumn red. It's such a lovely shade as it is darker than your normal red and it means Christmas is on it's way! After wearing a horrible red sweater for school for nearly 5 years at school, it really made me hate the colour. However after being given the freedom to wear what I want, I'm having red withdrawal-symptoms. These pieces are a gorgeous red colour that's perfect for the Autumn time. Not only are these pieces beautiful but also very figure-hugging (my favourite type of clothing 😉) Hopefully I can give u some inspiration for your new Autumn wardrobe!


The formal dress

Chi Chi Ellie Dress £59.99 £29.99

I'm in love with this beautiful red dress from chi chi London. I'm very sceptical about dresses with less stretchy material because of my unusual body shape but omg! It fits like a glove! Literally it's so perfect and hold everything in. The beautiful lace detailing across the bodice and hem just make this dress extra special! It's a great quality and now it's only £29.99, it is definitely worth the investment! I'm so happy and thankful to chi chi London for letting me have this beautiful piece. 
Rating: *****

The skirt 

Velvet skirt Pretty little thing £10

This skirt was immediately added to my basket after I saw it. It was a no brainier! It was gorgeous and looked fantastic. However unfortunately when it arrived, it just doesn't really fit right. The problem is that I'm very tall and the high bit in the middle nearly shows my bum! So it would look lovely on someone shorter but unfortunately not a good purchase for a tall person! Message me if your interested in buying it! 😂
Rating: ***


The lipstick 

Lipstick £4.99
I know I've already mentioned this back in blog 17, but this is a fantastic lipstick that gives you the perfect red lips. It's very clever as the red colour is unique to you and it matches perfectly to your skin tone! I honestly think this is one of the best lipsticks that I've ever tried and it's so worth the £5! Just a reminder, it's not actually green on your lips!
Rating: ****

Thank for reading as ever! Be back at normal time next weekend! 

Ciao xxx

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Blog 28: ASOS HAUL

That moment when you're about to give in and cry for 4 hours straight all because your winged eyeliner has been wiped away with sweat, your lunch wasn't Dominos and you get rejected by your own cat. Only to be saved just in time by the glaring screen of the Asos sales page where you find yourselves the best bargains ever.

If you've read this blog for a while now, you've probably guessed I have a spending problem. Yes, my wardrobe is now 3 wardrobes. Yes, I have too many shoes. Yes, I have no money. But fashion is what makes my world go round. Each month in the first week I have a small spree where I'll buy a few select items that I've been eyeing up from the previous month, then I'll have to wait 3 more weeks for my next haul. September and October have been an interesting months as I'm still not quite back into the whole school thing... and I probably won't ever be but it's given me plenty of reasons to forget the hell of school and focus on the important things in life, like do I need this? The answer is always YES! This month Asos have saved me from 63 breakdowns by having a quick scroll through their sale tab. I've bought these items over this month and so they might not all still be available but just to let you know exactly how much of a money problem I have:


Jumpsuit £9.50 Asos

I have been searching for a good winter jumpsuit that I can wear casually as well as for formal occasions. I found this one in the sale and it is perfect! I got this in a size 8 and prayed hard that it would be long enough for my legs but it actually worked out great. The material is super stretchy and it falls in a really lovely way around the body. I really love the cut outs on the shoulders and the high neck as they are very on trend this season.
Rating: *****


Jumper £8 Asos

I had to pick up this top because I loved the colours on it! I thought it was such a cute little jumper that would be great for a cooler day. I didn't realise how cropped it would be and the fact that there are little holes around the top which makes it hard to wear anything but nude underneath. However I still really like it but just goes to show that you really need to look at the detail when buying clothes online. I have adapted to fit it and it's so soft and comfy!
Rating: ***



Black velvet top £14 Asos

I have been searching high and low for a really nice black velvet top especially now velvet is on trend. I got this in the sale from Brave Soul for only £14 which was bargain and I was so happy when I got it. It fitted really well and I got it in a size S. It's perfect to wear for formal or casual situations so I think it's a great purchase.


Blue lace espadrilles £8 Asos

Pack of two espadrilles £12.50 Asos

Nobody needs 3 pairs of espadrilles but I just had to get some as I don't own a single pair! I got the blue lace ones first and I was so impressed at how comfy they were and they were so cheap. I then saw the other two pairs, which were being sold as a pack, for only £12.50 so it was a great bargain I could resist. Both blue pairs are great for everyday wear and I will wear them on beach holidays and in the summer. The rose gold pair I think are fab and I could even wear them with a more casual evening outfit. Would just say they are quite tight so go up a size when getting them.
Rating: ****
Two pack:

I did also buy a few other things but they didn't fit properly so I had to send them back :(
Thanks for reading and lemme know any requests,

Ciao xxx

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Blog 27: How I tackle the party dress

Nothing excites me more than getting ready for a party. I'm one of those really sad people who spend way too long doing their makeup, dancing round my room in my underwear with songs blasting from my speakers. It's my way of avoiding doing that essay that's due Monday morning. But before all that can occur, I need to have found the dress I'm going to wear. I will try to find a dress from my volcano of a wardrobe, thinking about the theme and how formal the event is. I do spend hours trying on different dresses with different heels, perfecting how to hold my stomach in while talking and moving. Next comes the makeup. Do I have the colour eyeshadow I need? Glitter? Always. And if all else fails, I have a quick trip to Asos or Missguided to find a stunning dress for a seriously great price. I do try to reuse my dresses as much as possible but sometimes you just need that one online. I have what feels like hundreds of party dresses so picking my favourites has been hard. However these dresses have not cost the earth and I wear repeatedly, probably too much. You will be shocked at the prices of these pieces! You just have to try find the jewel in the haystack which takes forever I know. Here are my favourite party dresses:

Number 1

Dress Missguided £8, Shoes Lucy Choi £140
Probably one of the best pieces I've ever bought. I love this dress so so much and I've worn it tons. I got it in a size 8 but I had to alter the strap at the back to make it completely fit me and it was worth me doing that as now it's ready to wear for any occasion. This has to be my most favourite party dress as it feels amazing on and it was only £8!!
Rating: *****

Watch, Sekonda at House of watches, £44.99 £29.99

This gorgeous watch is the perfect accessory to match this dress as it's a sophisticated design yet subtle. It works perfectly with this formal outfit but would also be perfect for day to day wear. The beautiful simple design is classy and it's very inexpensive. In fact it's on sale at the moment so you should go check it out from my favourite watch retailer, House of watches! Fantastic quick service and delivery and they wont disappoint.
Rating: *****

Number 2

Dress Asos £22, Shoes New look £20

This is my most recent purchase for a black and white themed party but I will have to wear it again! It doesn't quite show how sparkly it is but it has the most wonderful outer fabric which is almost like netting, with a slip dress underneath. I had a bit of a dilemma with this as I ordered a size 8 to begin with but when I came it hardly fitted over my bum! So a few panicked hours later and I ordered a size 12 as I then thought it would be best to get a longer dress and then alter the body part to fit me. It worked out so well and I'm so pleased that I bought it!
Rating: *****


Link for shoes:


The perfect accessory to go with this outfit? A Pandora bracelet of course with this beautiful heart charm. I'm loving this charm as it's not like the others. It's a limited edition Pandora club charm and it's so sweet as it has 2016 engraved on the back of the charm. I think this is a wonderful memory to have on your bracelet and I highly recommend you invest in this gorgeous charm. The link below is from my favourite jewellers T.H.Baker. They are just fantastic as they have quality products at amazing prices and they have a great customer service if anything goes a little wrong. Delivery is quick too so get yourself a bargain now!
Rating: *****


Number 3

Dress H&M £7, Shoes New look £20
I bought this dress at the beginning of the year in the winter sales. I can't believe I spotted it at such an amazing price. I wasn't entirely convinced until I put it on and oh my, I transformed into this sophisticated lady. I think the colour is beautiful and it fits in perfectly for winter formal parties. Any of you who have seen me actually wearing this at a party may want to comment that I am in no way ladylike but at least I can give of that aura for the first few seconds. I have no link for this but I'm sure it wont be hard to find something like it!
Rating: *****

Tiffany T bracelet £895
Finally to finish off with probably one of the most expensive things I own, my Tiffany T Bracelet. This is so beautiful and it's thanks to my lovely parents that I own this. It fits perfectly around my wrist and I try and wear it to ever formal event I go to. It's an effortless piece that makes you feel very elegant and classy. A great thing about this piece is that it increases in value. My parents bought it for less than the price stated (I don't know how much, I just know it was less) so I've given you the price from the website now.
Link to the piece for more details:

Thank you so much for reading! Comment any suggestions for posts below or anything you really did/didn't like!

Ciao xxx