Friday, 21 October 2016

Blog 29: How I tackle autumn red

One of my favourite things about autumn is the new shades of colours you can wear. My favourite by fair has to be the autumn red. It's such a lovely shade as it is darker than your normal red and it means Christmas is on it's way! After wearing a horrible red sweater for school for nearly 5 years at school, it really made me hate the colour. However after being given the freedom to wear what I want, I'm having red withdrawal-symptoms. These pieces are a gorgeous red colour that's perfect for the Autumn time. Not only are these pieces beautiful but also very figure-hugging (my favourite type of clothing 😉) Hopefully I can give u some inspiration for your new Autumn wardrobe!


The formal dress

Chi Chi Ellie Dress £59.99 £29.99

I'm in love with this beautiful red dress from chi chi London. I'm very sceptical about dresses with less stretchy material because of my unusual body shape but omg! It fits like a glove! Literally it's so perfect and hold everything in. The beautiful lace detailing across the bodice and hem just make this dress extra special! It's a great quality and now it's only £29.99, it is definitely worth the investment! I'm so happy and thankful to chi chi London for letting me have this beautiful piece. 
Rating: *****

The skirt 

Velvet skirt Pretty little thing £10

This skirt was immediately added to my basket after I saw it. It was a no brainier! It was gorgeous and looked fantastic. However unfortunately when it arrived, it just doesn't really fit right. The problem is that I'm very tall and the high bit in the middle nearly shows my bum! So it would look lovely on someone shorter but unfortunately not a good purchase for a tall person! Message me if your interested in buying it! 😂
Rating: ***


The lipstick 

Lipstick £4.99
I know I've already mentioned this back in blog 17, but this is a fantastic lipstick that gives you the perfect red lips. It's very clever as the red colour is unique to you and it matches perfectly to your skin tone! I honestly think this is one of the best lipsticks that I've ever tried and it's so worth the £5! Just a reminder, it's not actually green on your lips!
Rating: ****

Thank for reading as ever! Be back at normal time next weekend! 

Ciao xxx

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