Sunday, 2 October 2016

Blog 26: Halloween wishlist

Let your inner witch out! It's October. Don't get too scared when I jump out at you behind a bush, I'm not crazy, just practising for Halloween. Yeah I know you have a whole month to plan your outfit BUT THATS ONLY A MONTH! Like you gotta look dead and hot which is very hard to master in a week. Some may call me excessive but please look back to my own outfits and you will see the details I went into. Anyone thinking of doing fake cuts etc., practise! It takes forever to get perfect.
I have been looking through a few high street shops to find their wackiest outfits that will make people remember you. Just use it as some inspo. If you not as bold as me to actually wear these outfits then tell me your suggestions. Halloween parties are the best lets be honest. Dressing up for parties is just so exciting and you want to make the effort be worth something.


Jumpsuit in wet look PU £45, Asos

Hear me out. This is probably one of the craziest things you have ever seen but OMG how cool is it? I love all-in-ones especially for dress up parties. If you rock up to a party in this, your going to get a lot of attention. My only concern with the material is that it's not very stretchy and so you will have to be a typical size 8 (for example) if you want to fit.
Halloween rating: ***



Leopard all-in-one £28, Missguided

If you know me, this was my famous leopard catsuit that I wore out one time. Admittedly mine was from H&M but this one is even cheaper! It's quite an interesting look and everyone will question your sanity but I think it's a fab look to show off your figure. The material is quite stretchy and it's figure hugging which will make any girl look fabulous.
Halloween rating: ****

New Look

Blood choker £1.99, New Look

Sometimes it's all in the details. If you not someone who wants to go all out Halloween loony like me, then this is a good cheap alternative. Wear a LBD and this and you've got your Halloween vibe going. This choker is definitely worth investing in for other outfits too. Anyone want to be a vampire?
Halloween rating: *****



Hairy fur ankle boots £69, Topshop

Legit these are furry boots. WHO DOESN'T WANT FLUFFY BOOTS? Purrfect for any outfit for Halloween these boots will boost your confidence by 100 as you will look fantastic head to toe and be 2 inches more above the ground. The only downside is the price but they are worth it as they can then be used for other occasions, not just Halloween.
Halloween rating: *****
Link: boots



Glow in the dark spider web bodysuit £15, Boohoo
If your not one for dresses or all-in-ones, then hope into this bodysuit. For a more toned down Halloween style, pair with black ripped jeans and red lips or a red velvet skirt. You could even cut slits along the shoulders or down the arms to create a more wild look (with backcombed hair of course)!
Halloween rating: ****

Other Halloween tips?

- For red lipstick I recommend Rubywoo by Mac.
- If you want to create fake wounds, invest in some liquid latex.
- Don't just be another devil, invent something crazy to be.

Best of luck planning your outfits! Hope you have a spooky Halloween

Ciao xxx



  1. Omg that choker is genius! Great post :) I feel as though the wet look jumpsuit might be a tad squeaky haha!

    C x

    1. Thank you! Haha yep maybe a little tight too 😱 Xx

  2. Who wouldn't want to be a leopard print kitty ;)