Sunday, 16 October 2016

Blog 28: ASOS HAUL

That moment when you're about to give in and cry for 4 hours straight all because your winged eyeliner has been wiped away with sweat, your lunch wasn't Dominos and you get rejected by your own cat. Only to be saved just in time by the glaring screen of the Asos sales page where you find yourselves the best bargains ever.

If you've read this blog for a while now, you've probably guessed I have a spending problem. Yes, my wardrobe is now 3 wardrobes. Yes, I have too many shoes. Yes, I have no money. But fashion is what makes my world go round. Each month in the first week I have a small spree where I'll buy a few select items that I've been eyeing up from the previous month, then I'll have to wait 3 more weeks for my next haul. September and October have been an interesting months as I'm still not quite back into the whole school thing... and I probably won't ever be but it's given me plenty of reasons to forget the hell of school and focus on the important things in life, like do I need this? The answer is always YES! This month Asos have saved me from 63 breakdowns by having a quick scroll through their sale tab. I've bought these items over this month and so they might not all still be available but just to let you know exactly how much of a money problem I have:


Jumpsuit £9.50 Asos

I have been searching for a good winter jumpsuit that I can wear casually as well as for formal occasions. I found this one in the sale and it is perfect! I got this in a size 8 and prayed hard that it would be long enough for my legs but it actually worked out great. The material is super stretchy and it falls in a really lovely way around the body. I really love the cut outs on the shoulders and the high neck as they are very on trend this season.
Rating: *****


Jumper £8 Asos

I had to pick up this top because I loved the colours on it! I thought it was such a cute little jumper that would be great for a cooler day. I didn't realise how cropped it would be and the fact that there are little holes around the top which makes it hard to wear anything but nude underneath. However I still really like it but just goes to show that you really need to look at the detail when buying clothes online. I have adapted to fit it and it's so soft and comfy!
Rating: ***



Black velvet top £14 Asos

I have been searching high and low for a really nice black velvet top especially now velvet is on trend. I got this in the sale from Brave Soul for only £14 which was bargain and I was so happy when I got it. It fitted really well and I got it in a size S. It's perfect to wear for formal or casual situations so I think it's a great purchase.


Blue lace espadrilles £8 Asos

Pack of two espadrilles £12.50 Asos

Nobody needs 3 pairs of espadrilles but I just had to get some as I don't own a single pair! I got the blue lace ones first and I was so impressed at how comfy they were and they were so cheap. I then saw the other two pairs, which were being sold as a pack, for only £12.50 so it was a great bargain I could resist. Both blue pairs are great for everyday wear and I will wear them on beach holidays and in the summer. The rose gold pair I think are fab and I could even wear them with a more casual evening outfit. Would just say they are quite tight so go up a size when getting them.
Rating: ****
Two pack:

I did also buy a few other things but they didn't fit properly so I had to send them back :(
Thanks for reading and lemme know any requests,

Ciao xxx

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