Sunday, 24 July 2016

Blog 19: How I tackle summer jewellery

I'm aware that I haven't done a jewellery blog like ever... so this could be interesting. To be perfectly honest with you I don't like to wear that much jewellery and I'm certainly not a guru on all things gold. However coming up to the summer, I have found some pieces that I would actual wear and you might even see me in. I know this isn't as shocking as #KimExposedTaylor but for me it's something new that I want to share with you. I have devised two looks. One which has silver jewellery and one which has Gold. These are just my personal picks for this summer which aren't really keeping in mind trends but oh well. Also before you ask, the dress is from Miss Selfridges on £15 reduced now! But more on the dress later in another blog. Here's my jewellery picks for the summer...


The Silver Jewellery


The Gold Jewellery



The Silver Jewellery:


Cherry Blossom Pandora Bead


Pandora cherry blossom bead £30
This is one of the most beautiful things I own. Its so pretty and delicate and looks stunning on the Pandora bracelet (creds to my sister for the bracelet, don't have my own :( ) This is a nice season charm and it is perfect for summer as it is light and floral. I know it is quite expensive for a little bead but they are so worth it because the dupes are nothing alike and they are a lot lighter. For anyone with a Pandora bracelet I highly recommend this charm because it is just so beautiful!
I also received this charm from T.H.Baker which is such a great website to go through because they have super fast delivery and it saves you from having to go into a Pandora store.

Barbara Chollet bracelet

I know I featured this recently but I honestly just love this bracelet. The colour is so diverse and it goes with anything. I love how it gives a cool girl vibe yet it is very sophisticated and modern. It will work well with summer evening dresses or festival outfits. The opportunities are endless.

Other Blog:

My grans old ring

I have no idea what brand this is but I thought I would share it with you for the style element of it. It was given to me and my sister by my gran while she was clearing out her jewellery box and we love it. The pattern around the band reminds me of a Greek vase which would work perfectly for a old-school retro festival outfit (brainstorming outfits right now)

The Gold Jewellery

The Coconut lane bangle

Coconut lane gold leaf bangle £11
This gold bangle is gorgeous not only because of the detailing but also because of the quality. I chose this because of the leaf detailing which seemed so delicate and pretty and I was even more shocked when I put it on as it didn't feel like a cheap plastic bangle but more of a weighted quality one. At only £11 for this level of quality is amazing. I really love the brand as well. So much so that I got you guys a discount code for 20% off: theamateursguide20
When you use it tell me what you get!

Accessorize Gold bangles


Now you really need a staple pack of gold bangles because they go with everything and they are an essential for a jewellery box. I got a pack of 15 for £10 which are great and they are perfect for by the beach to eveningwear. Honestly, if you are a jewellery virgin, start with these please. You need them. Unfortunately they are no longer in stock but I've given you a link to another 15 pack that you maybe interested in! Enjoy:

Primark floral ring

Primark pack of 5 ring set £1

I need to cater to a range of different budgets and believe me, I think you can afford this one. For only £1 you can get a set of 5 floral, viney rings they are surprisingly good quality for primark. Let me assure you that these are no wedding rings but they are not like plastic childrens rings. They actually have some weight to them and the detailing isn't too bad! It's like finding a Michael Kors handbag in your local charity shop.

The choker

Primark pack of 3 for £2

I'm not normally one for strangling myself but this is worth the pain. It looks sooooooo good with a Bardot top or dress and I beg you to buy this style of outfit. Ngl I have been looking for a cheap version of this choker ever since I saw one in Topshop but for £8 for a strip of velvet, no thanks. It got a bit better when I saw one in New Look but it was still £5 and I wasn't willing to part with an money. Finally I ran into primark to find A PACK OF 3 CHOKERS FOR £2. Sold. Well unless you want to pay £8 for a strip of fabric and the name of topshop.

I hope this inspires your summer jewellery box and I hope you liked the items I recommended. Would really love you to use the discount code if you purchase anything from Coconut Lane!
Thanks for reading! Until next time,

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Blog 18: ZARA HAUL

I'm going to start by saying I'm seriously impressed with Zara. This sale has been incredible and it's still on so get yourself to your nearest Zara because you will find the holy grail of fashion inside. A few months ago I had never even entered Zara. I was too sceptical of their oddly-functioning website and their catwalk copies. I thought it was just an overpriced store with weird items that people bought just for the label but never actually wore. I had heard from many people that the current summer sale was just the best thing that had ever happened since chocolate so obviously I had to man up and go into the unknown. And I'm so glad I did. I fricking love Zara now. Every time I go shopping I'm asking where the nearest Zara is. Zara is my life. I call this a haul but really I only got 4 items but they were at amazing prices and the quality is always high at Zara. For my first really spurge at Zara I was very impressed and I love all the items. Without further ado....

The dress

Dress £25.99

Also known as the primary school nun dress, I like to wear this on formal occasions. I was VERY worried about the midi dress length and my legs were hidden and lets be honest they are my only asset. However I loved the puffy sleeves that to quote my bf make me look like "a 12 year old school girl" which tbf I do but they are sweet. The tie around is really needed or I would look like a stripy floaty balloon and the print is so classy. Overall I do really love this dress and although I was going to take it up I may decide to keep it midi length... Let me know your thoughts below!

The crochet top

Crochet top £7.99

These are so on trend right now so I needed one! No doubt you will see this up on my "How to tackle crochet" blog soon which will give you even more detail as to why I liked it. All I'm saying for now is that the sizing was a little awkward as it didn't want me to have a small waist and a big bust. So I had to go for a size Small which hopefully with keep everything in....


The Bodysuit

Bodysuit £3.99

Again another one you will see up again on my blog! I just loved it because it was so casual and effortless and you don't really need to think about what you wear with it to make yourself look stylish. I didn't even try it on, I just knew I was going to wear it loads whether it fitted properly or not! I got this in a size Small.

The crop top

Crop top £3.99

There were soooooooo many striped crop tops and it was seriously had to choose just one! However this one did stand out because 1. I could actually get into it without getting entangle in multiple straps and 2. £3.99 is always a bargain and so it's a yes from me. I loved the pattern as it looks like a good quality stripe (if ygm) and therefore looks so much more expensive than £4. Also the thickness and quality of the material was amazing so I was so drawn to it. Definitely one I'll be wearing to Sardinia!

Go check out the last of the Zara sale if you can! Let me know what you've got below!

Ciao xxx

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Blog 17: How I tackle June favourites

June has been an eventful month filled with positives and negatives. A firm negative has been getting back exam results which have made me want to quit life and become a Buddhist monk. However I'm really not a calm person and would probably end up teaching karate to flowers. Maybe I should take up Morris dancing? But as you know, I can't stand the on-going jingling of bells and I would probably go crazy. Maybe it's best to sit tight and just do A-levels. One seriously exciting thing that's been happening this month is the fact that a few extremely lovely brands have sent me some of their products to try out. Honestly you should see my face when a parcel gets delivered addressed to me. It's a cross between 'OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW LUCKY I AM' and a creepy china doll face. They are such amazing products that they have all made it into my June favourites. So a massive thank you to all the brands again as they were so kind to send me these items and I totally recommend them all for you!

The silk scarf

Holding my own little Amur leopard  

Not that this blog is in any particular order but this is probably one of the most beautiful things ever sent to me. This is a silk scarf from the company K&K labs. It is part of the range which was created as a dedication to endangered animals. The designs are hand drawn to show the peace and beauty of the creature and 10% of each purchase goes to charity. I was lucky enough to receive the Red Amur Leopard Scarf which will feature more times throughout my blogging days as it is a gorgeous scarf made from such good quality silk and I feel honoured to be able to promote such a beautiful piece. I really hope you will look at their website and see how much good they are doing. The link to my scarf is here:
Thank you to K&K labs and Kim for giving me this amazing gift.

Barbara Chollet Bracelets

These gorgeous bracelets are handmade and customised to your choice of colour. I love my colours and the bracelet is a really high quality. I'm going to wear them with a formal summer dress and they will be featured in many more blogs! Watch out for them! They are such luxury looking items that come at a reasonable price and they are so worth the money. These beautiful bracelets flatter any wrist size making you look elegant and gentle. Definitely one for the dinner parties. Thank you so much to Barbara Chollet for sending me these pieces. I love them so much and you should definitely check them out!

Gold tattoos 

I was so excited to receive these! Ever since they started trending last year, I have been trying to get my hands on them. I'm so grateful that Shop Modern Boho sent me two packs each with 6 sheets of tattoos! These are only testers but they will be featured in my festival blog. They applied so easily to my skin and they were a vibrant shiny gold. I'm so impressed with how long they lasted. I had my bracelet one on for two weeks! Thanks to Shop Modern Boho for these gorgeous tats that I will be using so much over the summer.



Before you say anything, it isn't for creating grass like effects on your lips. This is the latest in makeup technology. As soon as you apply it on your lips, it changes to best red colour that suits your lips. It's so clever and they are even introducing 'green' blush and eyeshadow. The lipstick works amazingly and I love the colour. As for the others? I'll keep you posted...


Old English cards

Cards make my birthday. Who doesn't love getting a cheeky card filled with great memories but that also has a great cover? These funny cards are perfect for birthdays or thank you cards. They are great quality and very cheap for something that people will keep forever. Thanks to the Old English prints team for sending me these lovely cards. They will brighten up anyone's day.

Seba med 

These little washes are great for sensitive skin and for balancing out your pH. They try to protect your skin from harsh chemicals as well so they are perfect for all areas of your body. All 3 products worked so well with my skin and now my skin feels so soft and not itchy at all. They have really put a lot of research into their products and they are so good. I would highly recommend trying it out for yourself! Thanks to Seba Me for these products.


Zeste d'orient bracelet 

This was an out-of-the-blue delivery so thanks a lot for this. This bracelet is perfect to match with any hippy 70's style clothing. It so cute, especially when on your wrist as its quite delicate but statement at the same time. Its adjustable as well so it can fit any wrist size which is great for me because I have huge hands and a tiny wrist so most things just fall off. Would highly recommend going and checking out what else they have to offer as they have some amazing cute bracelets perfect for not just festivals but holidays too. Thanks again!

I'm so thankful for everything sent to me on here. I hope everyone takes the time to see what each brand has to offer. I hope everyone's June was good and now lets just get to the summer hols!
Thanks for reading, love you all

Ciao xxx