Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Blog 10: How I tackle Ivy Park

If you don't know what Ivy Park is then you might as well move to a cave and live in the dark. Seriously, who hasn't heard of the greatest collection on earth? All worship Queen B! Everyone is going crazy for it and so obviously I had to get my hands on some of the pieces designed by Beyoncé herself! Let's take it back to the beginning. The collection was released on 14th of April and demand was so high that topshop couldn't take any orders and the website broke. THIS IS HOW DESPERATE GIRLS GET! (I realise this has taken me a while to get a blog up about this but that's because of my poor money management and as I found out, £10 can only buy you the arm of the bodysuit.) The collection is mainly black, white and grey with some jumpers and tunics being pink and turquoise. The words on the clothing is IVY PARK or the number 4 (her fav number). She is really trying to inspire women to feel good about their own bodies. When I was choosing pieces for my blog I had to take into consideration price and style. Some things were really not my style (those sliders? No thanks) but I tried to venture outside my comfort zone to show you how I would tackle Ivy Park.

Outfit 1

Ivy park Topshop Bodysuit £30, New Look shorts £18, Adidas superstars £60

The bodysuit was a key item that I needed to get. She was wearing it in one of her promos and she looked fantastic. Apart from being a little expensive for a bodysuit, I also had the problem that the only size left online was an XXS which is about a 6 and I'm definitely not a 6. My body is very long so I get a slight wedgie but just noting, get your size. The material used is thick and structured and I really like the fabric as it pulls you in and up giving you curves. Overall rating? solid 8/10 only downside was price and sizing.

Outfit 2

Ivy Park Sports Bra £22, Ivy park shorts £16, Ivy park headband £8, Trainers (Ref: Blog 5)

This outfit actually makes me want to workout. Firstly the sports bra. Super stylish and slick and feels so nice. However its not very supportive. I have a large bust and I still need to hug my boobs when I run. But it is great for making you look great while you 'exercise'. Overall 7/10 because I love the design but its not really that functional. The shorts I choose in a pale pink to make it a bit different from the classic black and white of the collection. They fit perfectly and accentuate my bum which is always a benefit. Generally just love them so 10/10 from me. Lastly I just wanted to briefly comment on the headband. Honestly its too thick and with my thin hair, it takes up most of my head. Styling it was really hard because it also made my ears pop out which isn't flattering. And for £8? not worth it sorry 2/10 for the fact it looks cool.

 Overall I do love this collection because it looks so slick and makes me feel curvy and sassy. However from a practical point of view it's not that supportive but I would say you get amazing quality for your money!
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  1. I love how honest you are with saying that although it's cute it's a bit pricey and that you weren't able to get the size you wanted. That's so genuine in a blogger! But that aside, you look super cute in the IP! And seriously, who doesn't know about it already?? =]

    Danielle | <3 <3

    1. Aww thank you! I try to be as honest as I can be and give a reliable review! Loving your blog too xx