Thursday, 26 May 2016

Blog 12: How I tackle my May favourites

I'm starting something new here and I'm gonna see how it goes. I thought I would show you some things that I really like this month and that you will maybe see me wearing. May is not only the start of summer but it's also my birthday month so I have many things to look forward to. May is a challenging month because as we are finding out, one day its 29 degrees and the next its raining. May is also the time when exams start which means daily mental breakdowns. However in the midst of all the stress I'm writing another blog (I really should be revising) because believe it or not but it has been a year since my first EVER blog post! Thank you so much for all your support because without you I wouldn't be collaborating with brands and buying so many clothes that I don't need!

Item 1: Winged sandals

Winged sandals, £11

So yes, I do feel like a Greek goddess because lets be honest, THEY ARE SO FREAKING COOL! I bought them off my app called Vinted (second-hand unused clothing) and as soon as I saw them I fell in love. They were retailing at £65 and after tough negotiation, I got them for £11. The only slightly annoying problem is that they jingle and after a long day of school you just want to rip them off your feet and sell them to Morris dancers. Overall 9/10

Here are some alternatives if your interested:

Item 2: Lacey summer dress

Lace dress Seven sisters £4
This beautiful white lace dress is perfect for summer then only problem is it is basically see through. This means no underwear so I would advise just wearing it over a bikini. However the detail on it is gorgeous and it has a crochet waistband with daisies on it and mini pompoms on the neckline and straps. Again I got it off Vinted in a bundle with some other clothes so I cost me on average £4 so I can't argue with the price. Overall 7/10 (Because I'm not brave enough to wear it with no underwear)

Item 3: No7 Lovely lashes


No.7 Lovely lashes
I love just getting random stuff in the post. This came to me but I don't know which brand sent it to me so I don't know the retail selling price but OMG this is the mascara to get this summer. It is a natural brown/black colour which makes your lashes seem naturally longer and it really lengthens your lashes. It isn't waterproof but very smudge proof. Its so light I forgot I had it on and rubbed my eyes but none came off! Overall 9/10

Item 4: Leaf ring

 I love a pretty ring. Especially this one as it has the same design as the Pandora ones! Obviously this is in Gold and has pink glittery leaves but that just makes it more shiny which of course I'm not objecting to. The only slightly not so positive thing about it is that the pink glittery bits started to fall off almost instantly which was really sad. Overall 6/10

Item 5: Blue floral Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit New Look, £11

I know. Its bold but it's sassy af and anyone can rock it. It can be dressed up with Chelsea boots and a leather jacket or it can be worn to the beach as a casual pullover. But wherever you wear it you're going to make a statement! The bold prints are really in season and aren't that tacky so it can be seen as quite a classy look. Personally I can't believe the price as it is so cheap for something that has so many uses! Overall 10/10

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  1. Love those sandals. So cute!

    Allie -

  2. The winged sandals are gorgeous, reminding me of an overpriced Sergio Rossi's mermaid sandals