Monday, 29 August 2016

Blog 21: How I tackle the bomber jacket

Anyone who is remotely cool has one lets be honest. Even if you aren't the most rebellious person just wearing a bomber jacket makes you feel like you could walk down the street in slow motion while some indie rap song plays in the background at Volume 100. Its a pretty statement piece that gives off the "I'm stylish but totally didn't spend an hour deciding what to wear this morning" look. Paired with aviator sunglasses and a sassy walk nobody would ever dare cross your path. Well that's how I imagine myself but I probably just look like a girl wearing a sack occasionally tripping over her own feet at times. The fact that a fashion item can give you that much confidence though is pretty impressive so it's got to be one of my favourite things to wear on a slightly milder day. There are now so many styles to choose from now that the bomber-jacket revolution is now in full swing. Choosing one that is right for you is quite hard but personally I don't think you only need one. I think you need at least 3! A staple one, a cool one and a funky one. But maybe that's just me? Let me know what you think...


The staple Bomber

Black bomber jacket £15 Primark

Everyone regardless of age, gender or race NEEDS a black bomber jacket. This is a staple piece that you NEED in your wardrobe. It goes with everything and makes you look cool without much effort. I first wanted a bomber last year and after much research I realised you couldn't get a black bomber jacket under £30. I was devastated and so was my bank account as I nearly spent £30 on a black bomber jacket from Missguided. Luckily the Wi-Fi cut out before the transaction was complete which was a blessing in disguise as only a few days later I found this beauty in the back of Primark. It was from the men's section but it was a bargain at only £15! It's such good quality as well and it's lasted me a very long time. Primark always have them in stock so go get your own!


The cool bomber

Embroidered bomber jacket £15 New Look

You must have seen the £85 topshop reversible bomber? It's gorgeous! But for the price? Not worth it. I really wanted it though as I loved the embroidery detail at the front. I looked at alternatives but non would match up to the jacket I really loved. That was until the New Look sale in Abingdon. I saw this bomber jacket. I picked it up, walked straight to the till and paid without batting an eyelid. I knew I was happy with my purchase and that I wouldn't regret it. Mission accomplished.


The Funky bomber

Floral Bomber jacket £12llegra K

Cos why not? I love it. It's bright and colourful and in your face and that's how I like my clothes. This immediately stood out to me as it's so different from any other bomber I had seen before. I love the print and it definitely counts as a funky bomber. This is from the seriously sassy and diverse shop Allegra K who will be furturing more and more because I love their style.

I hope I've given you some bomber jacket inspiration. Let me know any thoughts below!

You've probably also noticed that my photos look a hell of a lot better and that is down to Charlie Landells and his wonderful team who helped get these photos look fantastic. So massive thanks to Charlie and I would highly recommend him for any photo or film jobs that you need doing. He's your man! Links here:

My favourite video and something you NEED to watch:


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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Blog 20: How I tackle swimwear

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been preparing for this blog which has taken a lot of time and effort to put together. The summer isn't over yet and there is definitely more time to (slowly) get a tan and it's not like you're gonna chill out in shorts and a tee. Bikinis and costumes are essential! This season has really been about sexy swimming costumes with writing all over them so I've got a few costumes but really you can never go wrong with a bikini. I have found the search for a good style of bikini quite hard as you really need bikini tops to be supportive (especially in the sea when there's loads of waves). I had a bit of a disaster a few days before my holiday when I ordered a bikini top from Asos and it fitted my flat-chested sister better than me. But panic aside, not everything is true to size, and luckily I had ordered another one anyway so life was good. So here's my guide for the best swimsuits for 2016:

ASOS Mix and match bikini

Bikini top £20 £12, Bikini bottoms £8 ASOS

This is my favourite bikini ever as I mixed and matched it to suit me. The top came first and I just loved the netting at the front which kept everything in place. I was convinced that I needed colbalt blue pants to complete the look so I got some with netting inbetween the straps at the side to suit the look and carry on with the theme of netting. For £20 all together? Not a bad deal if you ask me.
Rating: *****

Link: Top

Boohoo mermaid Costume

Boohoo swimsuit £20 (many other styles available)

First of all IGNORE THE SUNBURN. The only shade I can go is tomato. I really wanted a swimsuit with a statement written on the front as these types of costumes are very trendy right now. I chose this one because I loved the colour and the "Undercover mermaid" quote on the front. It is VERY plungy and not at all supportive so I really wouldn't recommend it if you have a big chest. However I just about got away with it. Very true to size.
Rating: ***


Mavele patterned bikini

Bikini top £54.95, Bikini bottoms £44.95 Mavele swimwear
This costume is gorgeous and it's top quality so worth all the money. The pattern is beautiful on the bikini top and it is really supportive even without straps! The bottoms are such good quality as well (didn't fall down when diving in a pool!) and they have a little pinched detail on the back which I love! The only downside is that probably you don't want to spend that much on a bikini but honestly for the quality, it is so worth it.
Rating: ****

Mavele Nautical swimsuit

Cut out swimsuit £80 Mavele

No joke this is my favourite swimsuit EVER! I honestly love everything about it from the vibrant pattern to the style of the costume. The cut outs make me look slim even when I've just eaten an entire pizza and ice cream and chips and more ice cream... It again is really supportive and a great cut. Honestly worth every penny!


Wanderlust Bikini

Top and bottoms set £30, Wanderlust bikinis

Now this bikini is not only beautiful and amazing quality but it has been so thought through. This fantastic brand really want to help end pollution by trying to end the need for a seasonal piece. They have named their bikinis with locations instead of season to try to make something that will last a long time, and I can definitely tell you that their swimwear is of an amazingly high quality which will last me a few years! They manufacture ethically to reduce the damage done to nature and their packaging is plastic free. If this isn't enough they have even dedicated some swim lines to endangered animals and all the profits go to charity. Honestly it has been a privilege to collaborate with such a hardworking and influential brand. Thank you again for your beautiful bikini and please could everyone take the time to look at this fantastic swimwear company!

Rating: *****

Hope you all enjoyed the blog and thank you so much to Mavele swimwear for their beautiful products! Here's a link to their site:

Thanks also to the wonderful Wanderlust bikinis for sending one of their amazing bikinis! Continue with the fantastic work!
Link to their site:

See you all next sunday!

Ciao xxx