Monday, 29 August 2016

Blog 21: How I tackle the bomber jacket

Anyone who is remotely cool has one lets be honest. Even if you aren't the most rebellious person just wearing a bomber jacket makes you feel like you could walk down the street in slow motion while some indie rap song plays in the background at Volume 100. Its a pretty statement piece that gives off the "I'm stylish but totally didn't spend an hour deciding what to wear this morning" look. Paired with aviator sunglasses and a sassy walk nobody would ever dare cross your path. Well that's how I imagine myself but I probably just look like a girl wearing a sack occasionally tripping over her own feet at times. The fact that a fashion item can give you that much confidence though is pretty impressive so it's got to be one of my favourite things to wear on a slightly milder day. There are now so many styles to choose from now that the bomber-jacket revolution is now in full swing. Choosing one that is right for you is quite hard but personally I don't think you only need one. I think you need at least 3! A staple one, a cool one and a funky one. But maybe that's just me? Let me know what you think...


The staple Bomber

Black bomber jacket £15 Primark

Everyone regardless of age, gender or race NEEDS a black bomber jacket. This is a staple piece that you NEED in your wardrobe. It goes with everything and makes you look cool without much effort. I first wanted a bomber last year and after much research I realised you couldn't get a black bomber jacket under £30. I was devastated and so was my bank account as I nearly spent £30 on a black bomber jacket from Missguided. Luckily the Wi-Fi cut out before the transaction was complete which was a blessing in disguise as only a few days later I found this beauty in the back of Primark. It was from the men's section but it was a bargain at only £15! It's such good quality as well and it's lasted me a very long time. Primark always have them in stock so go get your own!


The cool bomber

Embroidered bomber jacket £15 New Look

You must have seen the £85 topshop reversible bomber? It's gorgeous! But for the price? Not worth it. I really wanted it though as I loved the embroidery detail at the front. I looked at alternatives but non would match up to the jacket I really loved. That was until the New Look sale in Abingdon. I saw this bomber jacket. I picked it up, walked straight to the till and paid without batting an eyelid. I knew I was happy with my purchase and that I wouldn't regret it. Mission accomplished.


The Funky bomber

Floral Bomber jacket £12llegra K

Cos why not? I love it. It's bright and colourful and in your face and that's how I like my clothes. This immediately stood out to me as it's so different from any other bomber I had seen before. I love the print and it definitely counts as a funky bomber. This is from the seriously sassy and diverse shop Allegra K who will be furturing more and more because I love their style.

I hope I've given you some bomber jacket inspiration. Let me know any thoughts below!

You've probably also noticed that my photos look a hell of a lot better and that is down to Charlie Landells and his wonderful team who helped get these photos look fantastic. So massive thanks to Charlie and I would highly recommend him for any photo or film jobs that you need doing. He's your man! Links here:

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  1. Great choices! I love the embroidered jacket too.

    1. Thank you! They took a while to find but they were all worth the wait! Would you recommend any others?