Sunday, 4 September 2016

Blog 22: How I tackle August favourites

Honestly, there is nothing more delightful than seeing an empty place to pitch your tent at a festival after you've basically walked the London Marathon with a whale on your back. Moments like those make your summer. Seeing The Wombats, Imagine Dragons and two door cinema club at Reading festival just was the cherry on top. I think it's fair to say that August is the best month. Spending time with the best people but on a more fashion front, making your wardrobe go wild. Yes, I now own Hippy pants. Yes, I now look homeless, but that's half the fun. I've also loved the fact that it has hardly rained at all and has sometimes been hot! This high does unfortunately have to come to an end but let's not think about the impending doom which is school. These items that I'm recommending have seen me through a very eventful August which is why I'm recommending them to you. Some of them are sponsored items but I'm giving honest reviews and I don't put up what I don't like. Now let's start!

The Bomber jacket

Topshop reversible bomber jacket £85

I don't care what you think of this but I LOVE IT! I've waited so long to finally be able to wear this jacket ever since I first saw it Chiara Ferragni. It was worth the wait. You basically get two jackets in one and so basically you can wear it with every outfit ever. I love the embroidery as it's just so pretty and on a more practical level, it's really warm. The only problem with this piece is the price but your basically getting two bomber jackets for one so it's a justifiable purchase. Rating: *****

Shoutout to the Instgram account @bomberjacketswelove as they kindly bought me this bomber!

My latest Pandora Charm

Elephant Pandora bead £30

I honestly love this little elephant. It's the cutest bead I own and I love it! It is perfect for a more summery themed bracelet and it really makes a statement on your Pandora bracelet. I've never felt so emotionally attatched to a piece of sterling silver but it is so sweet. It's of a very high quality as well so is well worth the price. I'm loving Pandora right now! Thanks to T.H.Baker for their kindness in sending me this Charm. Rating: *****


Beauty by Earth

Facial toner £15
 Now I do love beauty products but I now own so many that I'm become a harsh critique. I got sent some lovely item from 'Beauty by Earth' and they were beautifully packaged. I tried all the items and I've got to say that they work fantastically but they were as good as my other products that I already had. However there was one item which has changed my makeup routine and that is the Facial Toner. It's just the most amazing toner I've ever used! It actually makes a difference to my skin and brightens my appearance. They use natural and organic products to create their items which I think is the secret behind my now glowing skin! I love it so much! Rating: ****


T.H.Baker Daisy bracelet

Daisy bracelet £20

 I've got so into jewellery recently and this is the perfect bracelet for August as it's summery but really delicate. Made from sterling silver, it's a beautiful piece to suit any look and outfit. I personally also love the bracelet box in which it came in (hence the photo) as it really help show off the effortlessness of the bracelet. It also goes perfectly with my henna! A lovely alternative to a Pandora bracelet with a bit less weight. Rating: ****

Charlotties creations make up bags

Big makeup bag £10

Honestly make up bags are essential for any girl and my summer has really needed one. As I mentioned before, my makeup stash is ever growing and therefore I need a bigger makeup bag. Honestly this makeup bag has changed my life. No longer do I have to take 3 small make up bags on holiday! I can now take this giant thing filled with makeup! It has a waterproof lining which is really helpful to wipe out any spillage. I've shown you a comparison of size with my, very nice but a little bit impractical, Victoria secret make up bag. Would highly recommend. Rating: ****


Majique jewellery

Bracelet £9, Necklace £6

These jewellers offer beautiful pieces which are slightly different which is what I really love about them. I got sent a few other items but these stood out to me as the most beautiful and best for price. My favourite has to be the necklace because it's a little origami bird which is so beautiful and it was only £6! The bracelet is gorgeous as it's a lovely rose gold colour and you can make it fit perfectly with the ties. Ratings: Necklace ***** Bracelet ****
Bracelet -

Thanks again for reading! Hope you all had a great summer. Make sure you check out the brands promotion page to see who the winners were for the summer giveaway!
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  1. Love the Blogs! Please do a How i tackle heels. You can do Stilettos, chunky, talk about boots. Just an idea!

    1. Thank you! Great suggestion! I'll get that lined up for you 💕

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's so lovely isn't it! I love the design but it's whether you would want to spend £85 on it 😬💕