Sunday, 11 September 2016

Blog 23: How I tackle back to school

Cats are meant to kill birds like teachers are meant to kill my will to live. Definitely not pessimistic... but who can be pleased about being locked in a confined space and being yelled at with facts. But I guess we have to get on with it so let's not think about our bruised brains. A good distraction for someone obsessed with clothes is to put loads of effort into every outfit you wear for the first week so when you forget all your summer work at least you can say you looked good crying.
The thing is with school is that, if you stay in the rules, you can be as wacky as you want. Now I'm not advising that you come in full festival homeless person mode, but you can branch out from your neutrals, blacks and greys. Some outfits can be smart and some can almost pass as PJ's but a little thought goes a long way. So now going to take you through a brief tour of my wardrobe from my first week back at school:

Monday - No school (thank god)


Top £2 primark, Skirt £6 New Look, Shoes £22 New look

First day back! I'm so excited to see my friends but seriously I haven't been up this early in nearly two month so excuse my puffy eyes. The benefits of being in Upper sixth is that there aren't any benefits anymore and you start working from the first lesson back. No time for holiday talk, but I'm sure everyone would have loved to know in detail how I nearly lost my pants in the ocean.


Dress £13 Allegra K

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to wake up this morning. I feel like I'm hungover on schoolwork. It's already hurting my head. I actually thought about putting an outfit together which is why I didn't resemble a car crash. Instead I wore this pretty thing which got me quite a few compliments so I thought I would put the link down below for you!



Top £20 Adidas via TK Maxx, Leggings £4 F&F

Why am I here? I miss the holidays. I miss lie ins. I already have enough homework I could build myself a paper fortress. Tbh though I only had half a day of lessons so I'm not too hard done by. This was a sport-themed-cba-to-wear-anything-complicated outfit. It's easy to throw on and put together while looking pretty sporty (even though I haven't accelerated past a walk in about 3 months).


Jumper £20 Move it, Hareem pants £20 Reading festival, Espadrilles £10.50 ASOS 

Hell yeah I made it! But I look homeless... but I don't care. I literally pulled on what was next to my bed and as you can see, I'm not exactly coordinated. This is probably what we all actually dress like. It's the given up on school look. There wasn't much of a thought process behind this but I just wanted to show you what we all eventually end up wearing.

Photos accredited to Josh Perkins who is a star for coming to my house while I was panicking this morning as I had no photos! Follow him on instagram:

Just don't remind me I have another week next week.

Ciao xxx


  1. Love your Friday look, it looks super comfy too!

    1. Thank you! It's super comfy and it's for the days when I just want to feel relaxed! Xx

  2. You've got some great looks here! Back to School can be rough but I've always found that going in with a happy mindset helps. Mind, I haven't been in school for years now but still! Planning outfits to give you that motivation to get up in the morning is a GREAT way to start out on the right foot.


    1. Yes! I find it so helpful! Give me motivation for the day. A great outfit makes you feel wonderful doesn't it xx