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Blog 25: How I tackle London fashion weekend AW16

London fashion weekend gives the public the opportunity to experience what fashion week is all about. Located at the Saatchi Gallery in London I was not going to miss out! As we arrived we were given wristbands for our allocated times and as soon as I walked in I knew this was the industry that I wanted to work in. There were 3 floors dedicated purely to designer outlets and pop-up shops ranging from Prada to designers just out of Uni. It was amazing to see the range of items available with awesome prices. Honestly it was my shopping paradise. While shopping is great, we also attended a designer catwalk for the designer Sibling. Having never been to a catwalk shop before I was a little bit sceptical of what was going to happen. However having front row seats that got me right up close to the clothing was amazing and you could see every detail. The show was really interesting with some heavy knitwear and delicate shimmery dresses. Personal favourite has to be the shimmery dress as it just look stunning and had a gorgeous cut (Pictures down below).  Just had a fantastic weekend and I couldn't wait to share it with you. I wore two outfits so here's what I wore:


Coat £22 New Look, Top £4 Primark, Trousers £25 Missguided, Shoes £40 Next, Sunglasses £80 Ralph Lauren

The morning started off quite cold so I brought with me my big black coat which to me makes any outfit a little bit more formal. My statement piece for this outfit were the Khaki Trousers from Missguided (Creds to Ellie Carpenter for the inspo) I just love them so much and they were perfect for the AW trend. To that I added a plain black top and 2 inch black boots. Sophisticated? Yas! One of my favourite outfits!

Necklace £6 Majique
I'm really not one to wear piles of jewellery but OMG I can't stop wearing this necklace! I think it's so unique and I've never seen anything like it. Hence why it's my new go-to necklace! Majique also offer different origami designs so check them out! You might find the piece you've always dreamed of as well at being at an extraordinary price!
Link here:


Top £130 Aubrey Busek, Skirt £7 Zara, Shoes and sunglasses as before

Can you really go to fashion week if you don't wear something crazy and wonderful? This beautiful top was the centrepiece of Sunday's outfit. Designed by the fantastic Aubrey Busek, I was delighted to be able to wear this. I loved the sleeves as they are so in season and the pompoms on the end are so cute. The colour is perfect as you could match it with anything! I paired it with a flared denim skirt and the same black boots to make the top stand out! They came with some lovely little shorts but more on those later! I would highly recommend the brand as the quality is outstanding and I have loved talking to Aubrey herself. Thank you again for your lovely two piece set.


Necklace £46
The perfect necklace to go with this crazy outfit had to be the wonderful Dainty evil eye necklace from Jewels from Durrani. I thought this was so beautiful as it's lightweight and the colour is fantastic. It's sterling silver coated in Gold which makes it feel so special and it's based on the evil eye theme which I thought added a sense of calm to my outfit. It's another kind of necklace that is subtly different and I really think this will be worn a lot and last a long time. Watch out for it featured in more blogs!

The shopping

The beautiful shoes

My face when I first saw them!

Trying them on

Oh dear... Obviously 15 pairs of high heels wasn't enough. Let's be honest though, they are eye-catching and so incredibly different. You will never see anyone else with these shoes again. Possibly because there are only 30 pairs of these IN THE WORLD! Each handmade with Italian leather from the wonderful designer Lucy Choi. I think my normal party heels just got replaced....
They were retailing at £225 but we got them for £140!

Other photos from the event:

Outside photoshoot
Walking up to the gallery with my free tote bag designed by Sophia Webster (The best designer on the planet)

The view from inside - Shopping

More shopping
Looking happy once I find Armani
The Sibling catwalk show begins

A few favourites

My favourite look last!

Thanks so much for reading! Hope I've encouraged you to attend this next year! Really worth the money,
Top tip: Save up some money before you go as you will want everything

Ciao xxx

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