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Blog 24: How I tackle Heels

The best feeling in the world is when you successful walking 10 metres across a gravel drive and do not fall on your face. This feat may sound easy but when you're wearing 6 inch stilettos it requires a lot of brain power and concentration. Heels are easily the best things ever invented as of course, 6 inches of extra height just gives every girl so much power. Being 5'9, heels give me the chance to literally stick out in a crowd and make me feel empowered. It's great being taller than some boys. They will moan "but you're wearing heels" and to that I say "Yep. But I'm still taller" which makes them rethink their battle tactics as I now could puncture their spleen with a quick WATCHA with my spikey feet. I love heels but they can be a real pain (literally) and it can take ages to find the one pair that you will wear eternally. I (shamelessly) own 15 pairs of heels. I am typically a size 6 1/2 which just makes life so awkward but I'll tell you about how true to size each shoe is. 
I want to do this from my least favourite pair to my favourite pair so you can get an idea of what I like and dislike about heels. It's a very long blog so sorry about that and there is a recurring theme of New Look! All views expressed are my own. Enjoy:

My heels collection of 2016

15: Monochrome wedges


Monochrome wedges £5, New Look, Size 7

I hate these. I have no idea what possessed me when I bought these but they are a fashion disaster. They are so ugly on my feet as they don't fit properly. Wedges aren't my favourites either and the trim around the bottom is vile. The only positive of these shows is that they were £5 which to me is £5 wasted.

14: Red wedges

Red wedges £5, New Look, Size 6
To quote my father, these "look cheap" which I have to agree with. Another £5 panic buy which I regret as they are highly distasteful. The idea of them isn't so bad but the colour is too pigmented and the buckle is very tacky. Also the buckle rests on my ankle and pushes which makes them so painful to walk in. Just a bit of a no no.

13: Jungle wedges

Jungle wedges £6, New Look, Size 6

Starting to think I just hate wedges. But these are a lot better than the other two. For one they actually fit around my toes and ankles and actually offer some support. However they are just too high and impossible to walk in and for someone like me, who was wearing heels before trainers, if I can't master them then heaven help everyone else.


12: Cobalt court heels

Cobalt court heels £22, M&S, Size 6 1/2
Now I actually love these because of how gorgeous the colour is! Cobalt is just the best colour but the reason why it is so low down on my ranking is because they are really hard to style. The colour is very difficult even though it is beautiful and I have a slight problem with the style of the shoe. The court shoe design is more for working women and so I'm not so sure on how age appropriate these heels are.

11: Leopard print heels


Leopard heels £7, Primark, Size 7

I do like the print and style of these heels and they fit so well. However I literally never wear these because I'm not sure what I would style them with. Let me know below if you have any suggestions! For the price they are a bargain but they aren't the best quality and I'm a little worried that the heel might break.

10: White boots

White boots £12, New Look, Size 7

I love these since they are so different and unique. I love the elasticated black slit and the white contrast works so well apart from white boots are just not the best idea. Literally mud becomes so visible and the whole boot turns a light poo shade. Great if there's no water or mud anywhere where you're walking.


9: Red heels

Red heels £7, Primark, Size 7

These were one of my first pairs of high heels and you can understand why a 13 year old would love them. The colour is awesome but with my wardrobe becoming very nude, it's hard to style. They are great for nights out with a Little Black Dress. They are a little bit big for me as the caged design doesn't really even touch my foot but I still like them.


8: Brown suede heels

Brown suede boots £70, H&M, Size 6
These are my most recent heels and I think they are gorgeous! They are real suede hence the price and they look stunning on and I love the wooden heel. The only reason they are so low is that I haven't worn them enough to determine whether I love them more than my other pairs but they are beautiful and worth the money.

7: White wedges


White wedges £10, New Look, Size 6

Finally some wedges that I don't hate!!! These are really pretty with a cute lace deign over the toe and you can wear them with literally anything. However the white colour has become quite dark due to mud, poo and sweat which is grim so they really don't look as fresh as they once were.

6: Floral heels

Floral heels £22, M&S, Size 6 1/2

I love the pattern on these and OMG they are the most comfy heels I own! They have gel padding inside which means you can definitely stand for a whole night in them. A very summer pair which does limit your outfit choice a bit but overall a very good buy. Do not underestimate M&S!


5: White sandals


White sandals £25, TK maxx, Size 7

I get asked so often where these are from and they are from TK maxx or Lotus directly. As soon as  saw them I knew they were going to be perfect. I've worn them to Sardinia and back and with the occasional blister, they have been fantastic. Would highly recommend you get a pair like these as a staple item of lower heels.


4: Small black boots

Small Black boots £40, Next, Size 6 1/2

These are such an amazing staple to have in your wardrobe as they go with anything! As you can tell, autumn is here and these are my winter boots that have been worn to death. They are suede but I've worn them so much that they have mud and bits in them so excuse that. A good investment.

3: Big black boots

Big Black boots £22, New Look, Size 6

Anyone who knows me knows that I love wearing these as I finally surpass the height of a tree. These are the definition of empowering heels as they bring in the biker chic style. I'm in love with the badass style of these but I really need to concentrate when walking in them as they are big! And yes I have fallen on my face wearing them... wear with caution.

2. Black tie-up heels

Black tie-up heels, New Look, Size 7

These were a great find and I love them soooooo much! I bought them full price and I've worn them countless times over the summer. The tie-up trend is really popular so as soon as I saw them, I knew I needed them. The ties can sometimes get a bit tricky as sometimes they cut off the blood circulation to my foot but overall they are fabulous and I would highly recommend them!

1: Glittery party heels

Glittery party heels £20, New Look, Size 6
My favourite pair of heels ever! Unfortunately the photos don't show quite how sparkly they are but they are sooooo glittery and so fantastic that I basically wear them to ever party I ever go to. I bought them originally for prom and I didn't think I would wear them again but I was so wrong. I love the fact that they change colour. If you hold it in a certain way they look gold but from far away they look silver. Girls you need sparkly heels. It's just an essential!

Hope you enjoyed my extremely long blog! Comment your personal favourites below!
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  1. I love this - gut disagree on the red wedges. I actually quite liked them :D Great stuff.
    Kat xx

    1. Thanks! They would look great on someone else, they just don't suit my feet xx

  2. Love those electric blue pumps! I'm looking at a career change into more "business/corporate" style, and need to invest in some more heels!
    Piper Ellice @
    Starting Out Southern Blog