Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Blog 9: How I tackle the spring coat

What is this weather? Some days I think I could wear a bikini to school whereas other days you would need to take me to the Sahara desert before I could even emerge from under the warm covers of my duvet. Why do we live in England? Choosing an outfit is particularly difficult in spring as it can be freezing in the morning and boiling at the end of the day. Yes you could carry round a jumper in your bag but... effort?! My solution? A seriously stylish and sassy coat. Easier said than found. I have spent way too long looking for the perfect coat. Something that goes with everything, good for casual and evening wear, chic and warm! I had almost given up the search because all the coats that I did like were about £100 over budget. Price became a big issue as well. If you know me, I don't have a lot of money as it seems to just slip through my fingers when I go shopping (oops). The cheapest coat I could find that fitted my criteria was £70 and so that was a no. Think of how many pairs of heels I could buy with that money! At my wits end, I trawled into New Look. Ooh! Sale! Eyes lit up as usual when I see a bargain. Round the back was the coat rail filled to the brim with disgusting hideous things that even my gran wouldn't make the mistake of buying. About to turn away, the sales assistant put one coat on the rack at the other end. I just knew it was going to be the one. But unfortunately another girl had had the same thought. Classic Cat-fight time. I casually but quickly walked in that direction pretending to not be interested. As I passed the coat, I sneakily grabbed it and immediately went to the changing rooms. Once safely in the queue I looked back to see the other girl filled with anger as she violently threw coats from side to side to find another one of the same. 1-0 to me. I think things are meant to happen and honestly I wear this coat at least 3 time a week at the minimum. So here is my favourite way to tackle the spring coat:


Coat £22 New Look, Top £7 New Look, Necklace £4 Accessorize, Bag £120 Hobbs, Jeans £10 Primark, Boots £10 New Look
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  1. Hmm..the design of this spring coat is quite nice n stylish Emma ! But shoes don't match..

    1. Thanks! The shoes are quite different but I think I can just pull them off 😂