Thursday, 4 February 2016

Blog 8: How I tackle Paris

Paris is the fashion capital. Parisians have fashion sense in their blood. It's like a Mecca of all things chic and classy. Somehow everyone just wakes up looking fantastic which leaves us tourists feeling a tad inadequate. Don't panic however! I've got the perfect outfits to help you hold your own amongst the French fashionistas. It's go hard or go home. Paris is the time to bring out your wackiest outfits and flaunt them next to the Effiel Tower. Do not mistake this message for Drag queen look. Just think about what you could wear with PVC or Metallic! Parisians can also do a perfect minimalist look which makes them seem like they didn't even notice how gorgeous their outfits are. They are inspirational people really. So naturally, when I finally went, I put together some outfits that echo the style of Paris but let me just say, they look 10 times better then I could ever look! So this is my attempt at Parisian style from a British blogger.

Day 1:

Grey jumper Miss Selfridge £40, Rucksack Primark £5, Trousers Missguided £8, Trainers Nike £70
Waking up at 3 gave me 5 minutes to get ready before we left for the Eurostar. Travelling means you have to wear comfy clothes otherwise you will feel awful when you arrive at your destination. I chose a grey jumper to keep me warm as I didn't know the temperature of Paris. I pair this with my missguided trousers which makes seats feel like clouds. Nike trainers are a must for travelling as they are super comfy which means you can make it through a day of travelling and walking without getting blisters and sore feet. I accessorised with a cute heart necklace and a black rucksack to keep all my valuables in. The monochrome look meant I was fitting into the minimalist style of Paris from the moment I arrived. Quirky and comfy. What more could you want? 

Day 2:

Leather jacket Hollister £60, Black top Primark £5, Skirt New look £6, Trainers as before, Necklace Colette £2
Solid day around Paris requires comfy shoes. Just a reminder: heeled boots are gorgeous but they will kill you (or more correctly, your feet) so again I opted for trainers. It was quite a warm day so I broke out into my Aztec skirt which keeps to the winter colour palette and has a fantastic design. Paired with black top and leather jacket? Parfait! I also decided to wear a statement leaf necklace to bring out the colours in the skirt. 

Day 3: 

Leather jacket as before, Shell top New Look £7, Jeans BHS £16, Trainers as before, Necklace Accessories £3

Leaving day. It was over much too quickly! Wearing trainers AGAIN, I had a lovely day before we left for London. I wore trousers as the weather was getting colder. A shell cut top with a leather jacket to emphasis colour variation. I wore the long bronze necklace to give it a chic twist which I thought was quite Parisian. 

Paris is one of my favourite places in the world and I will be back to try and master the Parisian style. I hope this has been somewhat interesting and I'm sorry for my awful modelling skills but a massive thank you for Riki for her photography skills. (@rikiauton)

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Ciao xxx

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