Sunday, 13 November 2016

Blog 31: How I tackle Rome

When in Rome, you have to eat a ton of ice cream and work the front pack. Rome is such an interesting place as one minute your in the most gorgeously decorated church and the next your in some dodgy hotel downtown. On my 4 day trip there, I managed to see what felt like every church ever, the Vatican and the Colosseum. I had a good time but going from walking to the fridge and back to walking 30,000 steps a day kinda killed my legs. They are only for decorational purposes. Also just a tip for anyone thinking of going to Rome, they will never stop on the roads, even when the green man is lit, they just go. So you just have to risk it and run across. I would get your will sorted now. Anyway, I did actually survive their manic driving and lived to tell the tale. As for outfits, ngl I got very confused at the weather situ so I packed for winter and realised very soon that it was hotter than England in summer. Tip: Always look at the weather forecast! or just pack half your wardrobe in your case (which is what I did). So, with limited outfits, this is what I came up with!

Outfit 1

Grey dress Primark £8, Sunglasses Accessoryo £5, Necklace Next £6

Scuse my grumpy face. I had probs just been told that we weren't going to eat for another 2 hours. Anyways, the dress was really lovely to wear as although it was hot, it kept me cool as well. I had bare legs as well as the cool cat eye sunglasses and the layers necklace that you can hardly see. Hair curtsey of my Rome therapist, Riki.

Outfit 2

Top Asos £14, Skirt Primark £5, Shoes Primark £8, Choker Primark £1, Sunglasses as before

Nothing says art student like this outfit. I bought the velvet top with my last asos haul and I loved it so much. I have had the skirt for about 5 years and never worn it, so I thought why not? The boots are falling apart because I've worn them so much and personally I probably would have worn my big black chunky boots with this outfit instead. But when your walking round so much, you need 'sensible' shoes.


Outfit 3

Top Zara £3.99, Leggings F&F £10, Trainers Nike £60

For once I'm actually on trend with something. The shoulder cut outs are seriously trending this season and I got this top in the Zara sale (thanks to my gran!). The leggings are my go-to stable piece as they are thick and warm and trainers are essential when walking round cities. Not the most fashionable outfit but good for tourist travellers.

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Riki (@rikiauton ) for the stunning photos and a massive thank you to you all because I've hit OVER 100,000 VIEWS ON MY BLOG!

Love you all,

Ciao xxx



  1. I love the outfit for day 3! Although mostly I'm just jealous you were in Rome!

  2. Love these outfits especially the cropped top paired with hi-lo skirt!

    One Awesome Momma

  3. Cute outfits! Yes, the craziest drivers are in Rome.

  4. I love all your outfits! So stylish and perfect for Rome! :)


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  7. I'm going to Rome in one month and am hoping that it will not get too cold. You made some good fashion choices.