Monday, 26 December 2016

Blog 32: How I tackle Velvet

So I thought I would treat you all to some Christmas magic with a blog about the only type of material you should be wearing right now, velvet. When wearing velvet you suddenly turn into some sort of animal as so many people come up to you asking, "Can I stroke it?" or you constantly feel the touch of a finger on your shoulder. As creepy as this may sound, you actually take it as a compliment because if you're wearing Velvet, you are the highlight of any event. Velvet was a sign of wealth and affluence but now you can get a Primark velvet choker for £1. However the material still looks expensive and can turn a few heads. The sales are now on and the rails are filled to the brim with velvety clothes so get out there and find your next killer outfit. My piece of advice would be, be careful when looking for velvet trousers as some colours and cuts can look tacky and that isn't gonna scream luxury! Anyways, here are a few things I've picked up:


The Blue velvet dress


Blue velvet dress £8 Missguided
This dress was bought from Missguided at a crazy price. It is tight fitting and goes in at the waist. I love that it's a skater dress as the flair at the bottom gives it more of a childish charm. Paired with a pair of nude pumps and you have yourself a cute evening outfit. I particularly like the colour of this dress as it is a rich blue and gives off the sense of elegance that velvet should do. Only small problem with this is that being very tall, it's quite short on me, so tall girls size up.
Rating: ****

The Black velvet top


Black Velvet top £14 Asos
Sorry for the repeat photo but I do love this black velvet top. Not only was it a great price but it looks fab and it goes with just about everything. It's also surprisingly warm (which isn't what you need in 25 degree Rome). The shape is figure hugging and fits nicely even with my awkward body shape. No downside to this top!

The pink velvet top

Pink velvet top £4 Primark

This top just caught my eye because of the stunning colour. It hasn't really been until this season that pastel shades of velvet have been in. The colour is great to go with black jeans for more of a summery look. I wasn't convinced about the sleeves at the beginning but when I tried it on it worked well with the cropped bottom. The price was fantastic too!
Rating: ****

Hope you are all having a fabby Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year as this is the last post of 2016! Bet you can't wait for 2017 for more of me ;)

My blog is going from success to success so thank you all so much again, this blog means a lot to me!

Ciao xxx


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