Saturday, 30 May 2015

Blog 2: How I tackle the Kimono

The modern kimono has only just recently come into fashion. Last year was a hit for the kimono and looking at Coachella style, it's going to be back this year! I feel though that there are some do's and don'ts with the kimono. It looks great on anyone, regardless of shape. The floaty material makes it great for a summer's day but it really has got to be sunny otherwise the goose-bumps come out. Picking a good kimono is a frustrating task as some are very pricey whereas others are just plain tacky. I have recently found a piece from New Look for £8 which I actually liked and would actually wear. Here is how I styled it:

Kimono from New Look £8, Glittery leggings New Look £12, Chunky Chelsea boots New Look £22

So, I wanted to explain my do's and don'ts of kimonos. It can be a tricky piece to style but if you get the right pattern and style, it will look fantastic! By the way, this is my opinion so sorry if I offend anyone's taste/style!

Rule no.1: Style

Short or long? It can be a difficult decision but base it upon practicality and whichever one you feel like. In my opinion, I prefer the shorter ones because I wouldn't want the fabric trailing on the ground or people standing on it. So...
Do: Go short.
Don't: Go long. It's a hassle and nobody wants dirt on their kimono from it dragging on the floor.

Rule no.2: Design

There are many different designs, most of them are floral designs. I would stick with this because it keeps on trend with this seasons prints. I would tend to avoid a block colour with no design or pattern because I see a kimono as the statement piece in every outfit so I would make sure it is exciting and reflects your personality. So...
Do: Go floral (for this season) or any pattern to be honest.
Don't: Go block colour (unless it has a pattern on) as it makes your outfit dull and boring.

Rule no.3: Tassels

Not gonna lie, tassels can be very tacky. Although that's not to say you can't look amazing in them. I just don't think they work on me. They can also get quite annoying because they get tangled and they fall out making the kimono look patchy. I wouldn't just avoid tassels altogether though. Shorter tassels can be quite sophisticated and are just coming into fashion this season. So...
Do: Short tassels or no tassels.
Don't: Have long tassels as they are annoying and will just fall out!

Asos has an awesome range of kimonos that I would recommend. Link here:

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