Monday, 15 June 2015

Blog 4: How I tackle the prom dress

Prom is a big occasion and there is much excitement about what dresses people are wearing. I know that for me prom is very soon but for those who haven't got their dresses yet, I have devised a quick guide. For this blog I haven't managed to do any photos yet of my prom dress but I think you can guess it isn't the average prom dress. So my quick guide to prom dresses...

1. Long or short?

Most people would just go long but if you are short or have extremely long legs, it is maybe worthwhile looking at shorter dresses as they can really flatter your appearance. That's not to say that long dresses can't be worn by shorter people, just may help on sizing as you don't want material trailing on the floor.

2. Straps or strapless?

I love strapless dresses but they are a hassle. You have got to have a big bust to hold the dress up, otherwise you end up pulling up the dress for the entire night and it gets tiring. Make sure if you are getting a strapless dress, that it is relatively tight around the waist as well as bust as this helps to support the dress. Straps are a lot easier and can make the dress really classy. I would go for a thicker strap to conceal bra straps and to make it softer on your shoulders.

3. Design

This is prom, so use it as a time to express what you love through your dress choice. Not everyone has to love your dress but as long as you're happy with your dress, that's all that matters! In my opinion I would go for something a bit different and not plain. Don't overdo it with the sequins and crystals but definitely have some on there! Maybe go for a controversial colour? Or an interesting design of dress? A black dress, although a classic and incredibly classy, can get a bit dull. A pattern can help liven it up. Maybe go for a slit up the side? Make it different to other peoples dresses as you want to stand out, of cause! I would also just check that the material is a light material as you don't want it to be weighing you down the entire night.


So I have been exploring for some of the best deals and here are a few of my suggestions:

1. Asos

The first, most obvious place to go:
My personal favourite dress is:
It is colourful and has a lovely strapless design as well as only being £34!!
Or maybe this one?:
Really lovely colour and an interesting different design. Slightly more expensive at £65

2. Little mistress

This shop is full of beautiful dresses! Link:|pcrid|7888702876|pkw|%2BLittle-Mistresses|pmt|e|pdv|c|

Personal favourites:
Lovely pastel colour and off the shoulder straps are so pretty. £58
Bit different design, maxi dress. £80

3. Chi Chi

Even more pretty dresses from:
Personal favourites:
A different colour but really modern design, £60.
Beautiful strapless dress with embroidered material, £45

Hope this has been helpful for all of you still looking for your prom dresses! Good luck!

Ciao xxx

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