Sunday, 12 June 2016

Blog 14: How I tackle the playsuit

As usual I have to start with a weather comment. Literally its disgusting and unpredictable. Might as well just take my entire wardrobe wherever I go so I can change just like the weather.
The humidity does make you feel like you're in a small sauna with a very sweaty old man but it does give me an excuse to get out the summer wardrobe (for the very few days we can in the UK). A personal favourite of mine (which I can get my white legs out for) is the Playsuit. They can be quite formal and quite casual but they cool you down in the humidity. Also no risk of it flying up if its windy! I have multiple playsuits (not jumpsuits, shorter ones) but I have chosen my favourite formal and casual playsuit to show you.


The casual playsuit

New Look Playsuit £23

This playsuit makes me what to live in the Caribbean all year round. I love the print which is what first drew me too it as it isn't in your face but still quite bold. I love the way it flares out at the hips as it makes you look very curvy and your waist tiny! The extra crochet on the hem, waist and neckline really complete the outfit to make it look quite different to any other playsuit. You can wear it to dinner in the evening or over your costume when you get out the see-through Caribbean waters.
I would personally style this with nude pumps and maybe a white flower garland and suede fringe shoulder bag for a festival look.


The Formal Playsuit

Zara Playsuit £8

Now this isn't probably what you are expecting. I found this and I immediately loved it, however the gapping back makes it very difficult. I had to purchase a bra with a plastic strap around the back just to be able to think about wearing it. But it was worth the investment! It looks so classy and so cute on and its such an unique good quality item and I can't believe the price on it. Probably one of my favourite items from Zara. I would style this up with a long pendant gold necklace and black boots with straightened hair.

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