Monday, 27 June 2016

Blog 16: How I tackle VR makeup

I remember when I had a huge issue with makeup. I was totally against people using it as I thought they were covering up who they really were. I now reflect back on that frustration on the fact that I couldn't work out how to make makeup look nice on myself. My eyeliner wasn't really eyeliner, more like charcoal rubbings in wobbly drunken lines. My Contour was like I had rubbed dirt on my cheeks and tbh I had no idea what highlighter was. I made a breakthrough when I finally sat down and concentrated really hard. Finally! I had achieved the perfect cat flick. Ok, I do admit that it probably took me a few months more to get my other eye sort of symmetrical but after that I was convinced I should quit school and become a beautician. I think its fair to say I'm loving makeup. Although I never really wear it for school, I do love getting ready for parties and spending hours choosing the right shade of eyeshadow. (Disclaimer: I wear makeup for myself) I literally love shopping in Superdrug now and seeing the new products and then how expensive they are and buying a relatively cheaper version of it. I especially love it when I find new brands! When I got contacted by VR makeup I was seriously excited to try out their products. I honestly thought they were going to send me some fake eyelashes and a lipstick but no! I got an entire range of products and I loved them so much that I thought they deserved an entire blog! I have of course done a quick video on how I applied and tested the products and the reviews are below! Enjoy!

Here's a quick link to the website:
The kit

The tweezers

To be perfectly honest, there's not a lot you can say about tweezers apart from that they sufficiently pluck hairs well. They have a good grip on the end so you definitely pull the hair out in one go. They were great for shaping my eyebrows. Sorry there's no price as there wasn't one on the website but 10/10

The contour kit

Contour Kit, £12
If you don't know, I invest heavily into my contouring makeup so it take a lot to impress me. This was amazing. I used all of the shades apart from the really dark brown and they were fabulous. I started off using a mixture between the two brown shades in the middle and on the left to contour. They were a lovely powder and blended really easily not making a muddy brown at all. The yellow was helpful for making under the contour look more highlighted and natural. The highlighter is beautiful and perfect for a subtle highlighter. It gorgeous and gives a beautiful finish topped with the rose blush. Its a great palette that I will be using again! 10/10

The eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow palette, £10

This is my 7th eyeshadow palette and there is a lot of competition in the eyeshadow department of my dressing table. Unfortunately for me, it just wasn't the best. The colours weren't that pigmented and they were really hard to blend. However, the colour range on the palette is impressive and I really love certain colours that I will be using again, especially bottom left. It is at a great price as well so 7/10

The eyelashes

Eyelashes, £3
Unfortunately I haven't had time to try these out but they look gorgeous and not fake at all. They will add so much volume and extension to my eyelashes and I can't wait to try them on a night out. For £3 these are a bargain and for any fake eyelash addict, these are what you want! 9/10

The lipsticks

Lipsticks, £7.25
I LOVE LIPSTICKS! So naturally when I got these I was slightly ecstatic. There are 10 different shades to choose from and I love the colours that I got sent (Raspberry on the left, Violaceous on the right). The lipsticks are very pigmented which I love and have a smooth texture to them which I love when applying them to my lips. For that 10/10

Overall I highly recommend VR makeup as they are really good quality items at cheap prices. Plus I love the packaging as it makes it look really sleek and professional.
Thanks again to VR makeup for sending me this beautiful collection.

Sorry this was posted on Monday not sunday! Got a bit lost in my weekend! Love you all,

Ciao xxx

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