Sunday, 19 June 2016

Blog 15: How I tackle the summer dress

WANTED: Gardener. Will be paid in Mac Lipsticks 

I had everything sorted this weekend. I was planning on having a nice Sunday having a good balance between work and Love Island. Instead, after waking up in a great mood and bounding to breakfast, I was met with the one phrase I never want to hear. 
"We are doing gardening today"
If there is one thing I hate most in the world, it is gardening. So I spent most of my Sunday shovelling grass into heaps at the bottom of the garden which not only led to my back breaking but also led to blisters the size of volcanoes on my hands. I hope you're happy that I can't even hold a pencil. So as my Sunday went by I got increasingly irritated as the never ending pile of grass that kept coming but I kept scooping. However during this painful test of the gods, it did come to me that really this was the beginning of summer! (Which made me slightly less pissed off).  I then started thinking about swimming and sun! From then on I did cheer up a bit and I even smiled slightly when my sister (on the sit-on-mower) chased my mum around the garden. So good things can come out of bad things (sometimes). This blog is on summer dresses because they are probably my favourite thing to wear in the summer. Don't ask me how many I have, it's a shameful amount. There is such a range of different summer dresses you can get but personally I go for the pretty, cute, making you look like a year 8 look! They are also great because you can enjoy getting a tan while wearing them but also they aren't close fitting so they can air you off a bit if it's humid. I don't know why boys aren't wearing them! So here are my favourite summer dresses:

Dress 1

Lace shift dress Allegra K £9.50
Let me introduce you to Allegra K the amazing brand that sent me this gorgeous dress. It has a high neckline with lace inserts and made with chiffon material that is such good quality! To prove that, I'm actually wearing black pants underneath and you can't even tell, its amazing. The quality for the price is fantastic and I would wear this on the beach over my bikini or in the evening on holiday. Its a shift dress so it's super floating and perfect in the humidity. It also is so soft to wear and I love the feel of the material. Unfortunetly for me it is a little short but I am wearing a size S (UK6) . 9/10
Go check out the dress here and explore their website for more amazing deals:

Dress 2

Rose Skater dress H&M £8
This dress makes me feel all 50's and paired with the red lips makes this a classy look. I love the large rose print as it isn't too much but still keeps it chic. I also love the skater dress design as it is a classic style and reflects the 50's style but with a modern twist. For the price this was a bargain. Its made out of a good quality material and I receive compliments every time I wear it! 10/10


Dress 3

Aztec boho dress Forever 21 £20
For more of a modern twist, this Aztec dress is perfect. The print is gorgeous and I love the colour. The top half is elasticated which means it hugs to your figure flattering any shape. The material at the bottom is very light and does sometimes float up which isn't great. But again for the price 8/10


The makeup

Just in case you want to know my makeup; my eyeliner is the Waterproof Barry M liquid eyeliner which was only £4.99. Honestly it doesn't budge, I've slept in it after a party and woken up with it still on perfectly! My lipstick is Mac in the shade Angel given to me by my boyfriend. Perfect for a subtle nude colour. My necklace which has featured in nearly all the photographs was given to me by Touchstone accessories!
Thanks for reading! I've put up a tracker with the amount of views my blog has so I don't need to keep tell you! As always any suggestions just leave in the comments below.
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Love you all
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